What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Thousand Master
Hmm a bit disapointed in the scarface LE. Although it was fully sealed once I opened it I discovered the amaray cases cover is a bit torn in the corner and, the plastic statue itself has some paint chipping off when you look at it in detail :/


AUKN Staff

Today I received the visual novel Punch Line which came out back in August 2018 by publisher PQube. Like the other VNs PQube put out a version with just the game and artbook and I wanted to get it and it took this long to finally buy it since it's quite hard to find. I bought it on eBay after Oldmario spotted it over the weekend. I was going to wait for Rice Digital to put it on sale for Black Friday but considering they sent me the wrong version of GGDP last time I figured this was the better choice lol. I have provided more photos and specs on my blog.


Postie brought me my secondspin order

Moon Phase Complete Collection [US DVD]

The outer box is unfortunately a bit crushed, and some rubbed printing, but fortunately all the extras are here. It was £12 in total, which isn't bad for a set of this size to be shipped over here.