What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


5am? They'd ring at 5am on a Sunday? oo
This is the postal service that delivers 365 days a year, and usually they deliver at 4-5 in the morning, but they just put it in the mailbox. Otherwise, they just hide it on the property, og lay it by the door.


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Yesterday's hauls, which only got unpacked now because I had to e-bike some dozen kilometers for them, due to not being able to change the pickup shop address anymore, got lost, ran out of battery and got a massive muscle ache today.

But it was worth it, for---

A supermarket currently has a Royalty Points sale which cuts down the prices for a bunch of tableware and kitchen items by a bit more than half of it's price. From the flyer I had been interested in a meat knife, but didn't really think I'd ever get enough points to for it. You'd have to spend three digit for that and the shop is really far away from my place, too. I mainly got there because I needed some food after eating nothing but 3 bananas after biking 35km and plannend to get some bread for a quick meal. And then they had all the items on an extra booth on display with the inyards out there for you to see and touch and I quite immediately fell for this spoon at first sight. I have been on the lookout for a suitable soup spoon since years and now I know why I never found one. Technically the package says it's a soup ladle. Ha, ha, ha... When you realize you were just looking at the wrong department for years... OTL
So I bought a bunch of stuff (a metric ton (~20kg) of fruits and vegetables and some meat that were on discount) and while waiting in the queue was pondering what the hell I should buy to get all those royalty points together; turned out I didn't need to. Some guys before me bought several more metric tons of whatever unhealthy stuff you can think of and didn't ask for points, so when I asked for mine, the girl on the cashier just pulled the roll with one massive wide arm swing and I got enough points to fill out almost four of those royalty sticker cards.
It's been a while since I ran into a shop in such a rush. (They only had three sets of this left and all were opened as well....) Since I was at it, I also got the knife I originally set my eyes on (16cm) and also a double set of steak knifes (12cm). (Not sure why I got the latter, I don't eat steaks that much... I guess I'll just use them as regular meat knifes, when cutting smaller pieces of meat.)
That cutlery set also comes with a gravy ladle, serving spoon and meat fork. The serving spoon will go into reserve, as I already have one and still haven't figured out what need I have for that meat fork. Also don't really do that much with sauces, so had been thinking of perhaps misusing the gravy ladle for a spagetti spoon (they also had a spagetti fork+spoon set, and its spoon has about the same size, just round. Before I saw that I didn't know I wanted a bigger spoon for noodles), but turned out it's a suprisingly perfect ladle for normally cooked rice despite not looking like it at all. Might actually also be conveniently misused for a potato salad spoon.

As if that wasn't enough exitement for tableware:
I also found my perfectly shaped soup bowl!!! (14cm/diagonale, 9.5cm/height)
It was just there randomly thrown into one of those "We are made in China cheap-ass wares for 2€" in all its lonesome to the point I thought it must have been misplaced. It wasn't. It probably was in there due to a minor production defect (that grey dotted spot on the white is permanent.) Makes me wonder if they've had more, I would have loved to have a matching blue one, too.
Also it's really a strange coincidence, but I have a towel in the exact same green, which also comes with a dotted pattern.

(Needless to say, I completely forgot about getting the actual lunch I went to the supermarket for. Lunch workaround turned out to be half a kilo of grapes.)

Today I put the main stars of yesterday's howls into action.
So handy to eat~~ Since the handle is so long, it doesn't just fall right into the soup, too. And the size of the bowl is just about exactly perfect for one serving to get stuffed~
No doubt, this will also be a perfect ramen bow.

The bowl also turned out to be a perfect donburi bowl:
(Note: steaks are tiny little lamb steaks, It's not as huge as they would suggest it be. I'm not that massive a glutton.)

Looking forward to have it in winter. Food in this sort of bowl stays warm longer.

But next time, I will fetch my packages before I got to shop anything. To add to my biking misery yesterday, what should have been 2 little jiffy bags wound up getting 3 big boxes added, which were delivered yesterday while I was on my way and which by all means should have come across the next week... Of course it was either get them all or none and I couldn't leave the first two there for another week, or they'd get send back. Having 30kg on the rack (that's made for 25kg) on an already heavy ebike with no battery left and still having to climb several hills on a 20km leftover route is no joke.

(If anybody is wondering, why I'm rambling so much about tableware, I get such tableware fits once every couple of years. Last time was two years ago over Japanese bunny and cat and koi fish bowls and a set of black ones with plum/sakura patterns. Also need to strenghen my new vocabulary, never had heard of a gravy ladle before.)

(Now, if only there were the perfect shaped soup/ramen/donburi bowl with cute rabbits!)
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