What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

Nice. ROD is on my wishlist but I am determined to buy the AoA version, even though the AoJ version would be considerably cheaper. One day I will be able to buy it at a reasonable price!

I'm personally kind of used to it, especially if you collect AoA. Prices are high to begin with and if the set is OOP, it gets considerably worse. Happy for you to be able to collect some excellent sets though!

JP LEs can really be gorgeous compared to some of the Western sets, especially if you are a big fan of digipaks. I would take something like that JP set for DtB over that stupid envelope we got as a "Premium" edition from Funi any day of the week.

Yeah, AoA, even used, fetches an absurd price. I was scouring eBay the other day and someone was selling fate sets at a premium with them still available on CR’s site. Not AoA but I was also surprised at how much more expensive the US steelbook for Big O is than the JP box.

I’m super satisfied with these sets and I love all the details and minimalism.

It also makes me appreciate ALs releases because some of them get close to JP sets and doesn’t necessarily require you to sell your kidneys…

Don’t get me started on “bespoke” packaging like US dtb - hard slipcase + digipak is the only way!
JP LEs can really be gorgeous compared to some of the Western sets, especially if you are a big fan of digipaks. I would take something like that JP set for DtB over that stupid envelope we got as a "Premium" edition from Funi any day of the week.
My line of thought in buying non-English-friendly but high quality JP releases like that is to just frankenstein a set of English-friendly US or UK discs into the JP boxsets. Harder to do with digipaks, but as long as there is room to store the JP discs in paper sleeves inside the box is fine by me.
2023 HAUL VER 11.3
(note: images are hosted via AUKN for the meantime)

So most of these packages actually arrived last Friday and the original plan was to sort it out during the weekend, but work got in the way especially at the last second (which meant I had to drive to the office than work from home). As a result both the photos and unboxings were pushed back to today which was my day off work. Another package also arrived on Monday which took a while due to Royal Mail.



First up we have another batch of Asian Cinema films from Eureka Entertainment which are this month's latest pre-orders. Heroes and Villains: Three Films starring Jet Li is a three film compilation that includes Corey Yuen's 1995 film My Father is a Hero (给爸爸的信), also known as The Enforcer in the UK, Ching Siu-tung's 1996 film Dr. Wai in "The Scripture with No Words" (冒險王), and Stephen Tung's 1998 film Hitman (殺手之王). Three films all starring Jet Li, and it's interesting to see more of his films from the Hong Kong era make an appearance now, so I wonder if Fortune Star decided to let more of the films out of the vault.

Also arrived is Royal Tramp Collection which features Wong Jing's 1992 films Royal Tramp (鹿鼎記) and Royal Tramp 2 (鹿鼎記2神龍教). Both of these collections are part of the Eureka Classics range which includes a slipcase and booklet for their first-print runs.


Welcome to the final batch of items coming from Rightstuf before they were absorbed into Crunchyroll Store. This haul comprises of five different orders arriving either consolidated or separately at different times. There's been some disruption with how Rightstuf have been shipping them out, and one particular package has gone through hell, but it all ends here (at least last Friday when they arrived).

All orders had been sent to Stackry to balance the costs (today's order cleared customs for additional context). If you're interested in using Stackry for the first time, I also have a referral link that you can use to get $10 off shipping for your first order. I've written up my overall thoughts in my August & September hauls if you want some extra context and info regarding them but overall I have had a solid experience in general. As long as you use Global Mail Shipping (focuses on DHL + Evri) and don't have way too many items in your overall finalised package it'll go through fine to the UK.

Fate Grand Carnival 1.gif

For this part, all of the titles came from Batch #3, #4 & #5. Batch #3 consists of the four remaining Crunchyroll releases (with some originating from Funimation) that I ordered from this whole process, and then Batches #4 & #5 are all Aniplex related. Rightstuf decided to merge Batch #3 & #4 together for shipment which was then in limbo because of USPS. Then the package delivered to the UK via Yun Express and Royal Mail so to say that this package went through hell sums it up.




The last four titles from this Batch #3 order consists of two shows that I have watched and two that I haven't seen before.

Arte [Tested & confirmed: Region A & B]
Animated by Seven Arcs in 2020, directed by Takayuki Hamana and based on a manga. I've been aware of this series for a while and its setting sparked my interest so I decided to add it to the haul. Sadly I ended up with the second print run which means no slipcase but fortunately there's no unique artwork between the slipcase and amaray so nothing has been lost technically. Crunchyroll released the Blu-ray in July 2021.

Love After World Domination [Tested & confirmed: Region A & B]
Animated by Project No.9 in 2022, directed by Kazuya Iwata and based on a manga. A romance comedy show that I was going to watch during simulcast but work and the backlog got in the way. This does have a UK release but I want to own it with the slipcase (and the other reason being that I dislike the current status of the UK branch as it is). Crunchyroll released the Blu-ray in February 2023.

Sabikui Bisco [Tested & confirmed: Region A & B]
Animated by OZ in 2022, directed by Atsushi Itagaki and based on a light novel. This series was really fun to watch and not only were the cast and character designs pretty cool but the soundtrack slaps. A second season was also greenlit which is neat. Crunchyroll released the Blu-ray in January 2023.

Wave, Listen to Me! [Tested & confirmed: Region A & B]
Animated by Sunrise in 2020, directed by Tatsuma Minamikawa and based on a manga. This slice of life radio show series is by the creator of Blade of the Immortal, and it's surprisingly good to watch. Love the concept and the main lead is entertaining. There was even a Matrix reference at one point. Crunchyroll released the Blu-ray in June 2021.

I still plan to get more Funimation and Crunchyroll but we'll see how it goes over time.


Meanwhile we have Aniplex of America from Batch #4 & #5. Now the last time I bought anything Aniplex related was 2 years ago when I ordered something from Rightstuf's Black Friday sale. Since it's been a long while and the fact that the discount code also worked on the distributor's titles I used this opportunity to get as many as I could, though it was expensive I did save money also.

As you can guess it's mostly Fate.

Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia Box Sets I & II
Animated by CloverWorks in 2019, directed by Toshifumi Akai and based on the 7th Singularity arc in the Fate/Grand Order gacha game. It's Fate but this time they started adapting an arc that's way far into the gacha, but they did make sure anime only viewers can jump in. Aniplex of America released Box Set I in March 2021 and Box Set II in June 2021. You can view more photos & specs on my blog.

Fate/Grand Order Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot Wandering;Agateram & Paladin;Agateram
Animated by Signal.MD and Production I.G. in 2020 & 2021, directed by Kei Suezawa & Kazuto Arai, and based on the 6th Singularity arc in the Fate/Grand Order gacha game. It's Fate but this time they adapted another late arc but into two films and by two different studios. Music sounds dope, but will admit this is one of the best Aniplex packages out there. Aniplex of America released Wandering;Agateram in December 2021 and Paladin;Agateram in May 2022. You can view more photos & specs on my blog.

Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity - Grand Temple of Time: Solomon
Animated by CloverWorks in 2021, directed by Toshifumi Akai and based on the 8th & Final Singularity arc in the Fate/Grand Order gacha game. It's Fate but this time they started going into full Avengers mode which means we get UMU Nero and Jeanne D'Arc joining the fight which is neat. Prepare to get confused. Aniplex of America released the film in July 2022. You can view more photos & specs on my blog.

Fate/Grand Carnival
Animated by Lerche in 2021, and directed by Seiji Kishi. It's Fate but this time they brought back Carnival Phantasm and switched it up to be focused on the Fate/Grand Order cast and is only four short episodes. Aniplex of America released the series in October 2022. You can view more photos & specs on my blog.

Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song-
Animated by WIT Studio in 2020, directed by Shinpei Ezaki, and created by Tappei Nagatsuki & Eiji Umehara. Surprisingly I skipped out on this series when it aired and figured now was the right time to jump in and pick it up. Aniplex of America released the series in September 2022. You can view more photos & specs on my blog.


And that concludes the Rightstuf haul and even the retailer itself. I will eventually try out the Crunchyroll store but it is a shame that they went for an inferior store over the most popular one. It is rather fortunate for me that I did decide to utilise forwarding services but at the same time annoying that I once again miss out on using it for the Rightstuf holiday sales etc.


Last but not least is our package that arrived on Monday. Anime Limited released Hula Fulla Dance, a film by Bandai Namco Pictures (not to be confused with Bandai Namco Filmworks who produced Love Live!) and Aniplex. Always good to get niche films on Blu-ray and with a collector's package. You can view more photos & specs on my blog.
Finally decided to buy this. I had started it with Lovefim but dropped it.
Hopefully my tastes have matured. 😀🍆Animeblurayuk seemed to have best new price so went with them.
I'm lucky I have it as the postman left it on my doorstep. I had assumed it would fit through the letterbox. Not with this packaging.


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This is missing Disc 1?
I've started disc one and couldn't be bothered putting back in for the picture.

Random disc available on eBay for £2.99.
Jumped on it for a cheap tryout. Never seen this. Turns out it's got 5 episodes. 🥳


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