What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

Obligatory pic of Kakegurui CE from Anime Limited, received today in the mail after it took a four week North Atlantic cruise, courtesy of Langley HWDC:

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I received my four open orders/partials from Rightstuf in one package today, along with one more CE from the AlltheAnime 12 Days Holiday Sale:

Nana Steelbook
Angel Cop Steelbook
Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1 LE
Appleseed 1988 OVA
Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple Part 2
Blue Seed SDBD
Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle Season 1 S.A.V.E Edition
Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle Season 2 S.A.V.E Edition
Tsubasa OVA Collection S.A.V.E Edition


Boogiepop Phantom UK CE, pictured with the Nozomi DVD thinpak release, for comparison.

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After missing out on the yearbook '84 LP release because I ordered from Amazon who didn't seem to be getting any stock, I caved in and pre-ordered the yearbook '82 LP from HMV because in this case Amazon wasn't even getting any stock this time (although, I still need to get the cd release along with the '83 and '84 extra sets).
I've been working the past few days on mounting my new poster snap frames on the theater rooom wall and getting some of my anime posters up on proper display. Below is a pic of what I have completed so far. I mounted three of the four B2-size snap frames on the left-side wall; I had to mount the left-most frame a little lower than the other two because of the existing air conditioning duct on the wall above it. That height is fine though, because a fourth poster frame will be mounted on the closet door just off the left side of the picture, and that poster will be at the same height as the lowered frame due to the wide trim around the door.

I currently have the frames loaded with my Golden Kamuy, Garden of Words, and xxxHolic Japanese B2 posters. Unfortunately, there was no angle I could take the photo without washing out one of the posters with the camera flash, so this is the best I could do image-wise. You can see the infamous purple carpet I use as the background for my forum photos, on the floor in front of the speaker stage that has even purple-er carpet on it, and the oversized Legend of the Galactic Heroes box set somewhat hiding in the dark corner on top of my Left Front speaker, where it has been on display since I picked it up three years ago.

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