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Finally found hibike euphonium season 2 for a somewhat reasonable price on eBay, though the import fees nudged it back up somewhat. Only part one has a case but they sent the sleeve for part 2 and they’re dvd sized so I can use an old case.


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Dude you're going to make me, or at least my wallet, cry. Plezz share some more photos of that set, thankyouplease.


The back of the slipcase



If you want to nitpick, you can: they could've easily printed the whole thing on the inside of the digipak instead of leaving those ugly blank spaces; the episode list's design is rather crude - but that's par for the course with Dybex.

The booklet is 40 pages long, has profiles for all the main characters, episode guide, an introduction to what Shinsekai Yori is and how it came about, a bit of background artwork and some storyboards.

On the whole, it's a nice little edition for a series that deserves it and it beats having just two amarays, like the one from MVM, which is the other one I own. The price is also pretty good, at 27eur/23ish gbp. It's only three discs instead of 4 like MVM's, though

PS - the glue dots were easily the worst I've ever seen. I thought my nails were going to detach from my fingers - awful lol
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I received two more 27x40 anime posters for my theater room walls, one yesterday and one today:

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time theatrical poster
Tales From Earthsea Studio Gibli theatrical poster

The Girl who Leapt Through Time was the very first anime my two daughters showed me back in 2011, so it holds a special place in my memories. The seller included a nice 10x14 lithograph of the "Time waits for no one" blackboard scene in the movie, so now I'll have to buy a matted frame for it.

The Earthsea poster is a folded poster, but double-sided printed, so it's made for a poster light box. I am aware of what many anime fans think of this Goro Miyazaki movie, but for me it is a solid Top Ten entry in my favorite Studio Ghibli movie list, and is a big favorite of my two daughters as well.



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