Unbelievable Sentai Filmworks Response to Replacement inquiry.


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That's not what I said. I said that most people weren't asked to destroy their YLiA, and that I am confident of. I certainly wasn't, and there was nobody on here that I saw mentioning that they were asked to destroy theirs around the time of the replacement either.
I certainly wasn't told to destroy any of my stuff for the replacement scheme whatsoever. Granted I did order it from Shop AllTheAnime so maybe they knew it was genuine (they even sent it to my home address instead of my Uni address at the time which was bizarre). So yeah this is the first time I have heard someone being told to destroy their box for this scheme.


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If a rep confirms they will send a replacement, what does the original price matter?

Sure there is always a risk that the replacement is more damaged than the original, but this is a risk everyone takes. Just the same as buying the set

Do I suspect that when Sentai said "Boxed up" they have actually used a box... yes. So should reduce the risk of damage again

It is hidden in comparison to other ones and I know that’s why they only got like 200 cases compared to the 20,000 or so sold. This is a “normie” film putting it on a hardcore anime only fan is unacceptable and saying they are so stupid they won’t notice is just so so insulting and annoys the hell out of me

But is Your Lie in April very limited? In terms of units being made? (I actually don't know, but it's still on sale and can't see a mention of "limited" anywhere on it)
Same thing with Your Name, not limited either. Also they should definitely make a public announcement for it. I haven't and will not send them my copy of it. I live in Denmark, high risk of it being lost in post (Danish postal service has a horrible reputation for this), and also the other way around when the replacement was shipped in the post. As @thedoctor2016 says, it is well hidden, opposite to if it was posted pn social media (Facebook), just picture how many out there still has a faulty copy not knowing.

But this set, very very limited, not anything they'll just make an extra of, if the replacement was lost in post and their supply ran out in the meantime.
Just writing as an example but Eureka currently have a problem with the Police Story set they've just released. They aren't asking people to either destory nor throw out their disc. They are shipping the new disc worldwide, for free. They also made a public announcement for it.

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I certainly wasn't told to destroy any of my stuff for the replacement scheme whatsoever
Sorry about that, I guess I was lying and trying to give AL a bad name, Darn I failed :) Sorry for the hassle and saying bad things about @anime_andrew

I'll leave this thread after....


As for how limited a product is, I dont think it should matter. I think a distributor should keep enough stock back to ensure they have enough sets to cover (at the very least) replacements from the preorder batch. When they send replacements (Especially of this value) it should be of their best interest to ship them securely using a tracked service. While not concrete, its the best way to go. I very much doubt they are close to clearing out their stock of these sets

As for value, again, I don't see why this matters. A company is providing a product. Sure maybe I'd expect a better service if I spent £500 vs £200. But I think Sentai are only asking this from customers so people dont start doing things like selling empty cases on Ebay for $?00+

As for your Eureka example, there are many companies who will send out replacement disks, or just ship the replacement disk attached to the packet.


Either way, maybe I'm too trusting?

I'm going to leave this thread now... Enjoy


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As for your Eureka example, there are many companies who will send out replacement disks, or just ship the replacement disk attached to the packet.

Also sorry to bring this into the thread, but this was more of a comparison to the Your Name replacement thing. I just meant that Eureka are going to lose a huge amount of money on their mess up.


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I've only had one instance of being able to get a replacement for a faulty/damaged product without having to return the original, but that was under exceptional circumstances, which are entertaining enough to share.

It was StudioCanal's blu-ray of When Marnie Was There, which was widely reported as being defective. Their replacement scheme required old discs to be sent to a distribution centre, but I was unable to even open my set - in case the police needed to fingerprint it for evidence.

At the time, a lot of packages sent to my house weren't being delivered and it got to the point where the police had become involved. The theory they were investigating, was that as some people attached to the post office knew that I was a reviewer and worked in the film industry, they were targeting my post hoping to score some movies.
On day, an opened Amazon order for my copy of When Marnie was There arrived in the mail box, hours after the post had already been - and all invoices were removed. It was at that point that we contacted the police and were advised to not touch the contents.

When the replacement scheme was announced, I sent an email to the address StudioCanal provided. While they were initially confused, the distribution centre and StudioCanal discussed the issue and agreed to send me a fixed disc, on the condition that I provide proof of purchase. Also luckily, the day after Mum mentioned in the post office that the police were involved, everything turned up the next day... not suspicious at all, but we'd had no problems since.


I left it. While I'm mostly sure it would have been okay I just couldn't stomach the risks involved, I'd already put in so much money anyway as well that I didn't really want to put in anymore so I've decided to leave it. More to life than a slightly damaged box.