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Girls wIth Guns

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I admit I did buy GGO only for that Exclusive Storage box to have for my collection, as I was not overly interested in the anime itself - it was a bit too cutesy for me. I actually liked SAO Season 1 much better than GGO. But then, my favorite part of SAO 1 is the part most people don't really care for - the "happy homemaker" episodes with Kirito, Asuna, and Yui.


School Idol
The Mandarake Utsunomiya & Umeda stores have used copies of Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow [Limited Edition Blu-ray] for 2000 yen (£16/€17/$19). English subtitles are included.


They're cheap because the included lottery tickets have been removed. It's no loss because the lottery tickets wouldn't have been of much use outside Japan. Winning the lottery gets you the chance to buy a 9999 yen ticket for the "Love Live! Fest" event in January.


I did think people were joking when people said they bought the GranBlue BDs for example for codes so I dont get Japan anymore as this keeps happening


I’d be tempted to get one myself, how are Mandarake for shipping and handling to the UK?
I’ve used Mandarake many times and have had no problems. Packaging is always good but you will be hit by customs if it’s over the threshold as they don’t undervalue.
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