The Promised Neverland - Episode 10


The Wildcard
Hmmm, was Norman really killed? We see surprise on his face when entering the room he was told to wait in. What was surprising? I don't think it was the demons because then it would be a look of horror and there would be no need to wait. Also we saw the dead bodies of the 2 previous victims of a trip to the tunnel.

Could it be an elaborate plan from Mama to rescue her favourites? She did try to persuade Emma to become a Sister or Mama.


Student Council President
I don't think Norman was killed as we got some nice info from this episode and possibly a lot info from Isabella than expected.

In order to be a mom you have to have a kid so does this mean Isabella and Krone had kids also and if so
Is one of the kids Isabella's son?

There is the obvious choice and Isabella isn't happy with this as we can see from her reaction to Norman's question.
Was Isabella a lot more like Emma than we thought when she was younger?

Be interesting to see how things go and Emma's look at the end.