The Official 3DS Friend Code List

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by afoia, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Ath

    Ath Pokémon Master

    Just realised that I've had my 3DS since launch and have not even given my friend code out to anyone! I'd better correct that! It's 0559-6748-9798
  2. Taylor

    Taylor Vampire Ninja

    4785-4583-8486 is mine :)
  3. Tigle

    Tigle Brigade Leader

    How do you find your friend code kupo ?
  4. Joshawott

    Joshawott Monsieur Monster AUKN Staff

    If you access your Friend List, it'll be right there if you've been online at least once.
  5. Tachi

    Tachi Mushi-shi


    Feel free to add :)
  6. afoia

    afoia Adventurer

    List updated.
  7. Tachi

    Tachi Mushi-shi

    Added everyone :)
  8. demonix

    demonix Adventurer

    I got a 2DS a few days ago, so I'd better post my friend code.


    I only have pokemon Y at the moment.
  9. SpikeVsFaye

    SpikeVsFaye Completely Average High School Student

    Mine is 1762 3772 0251, just pm me so I can add anyone back :)
  10. Mangaranga

    Mangaranga Za Warudo

    I just realised that I never got around to posting mine.


    I'll add a bunch of people on here. I'm also interested in adding people for Friend Safari's in Pokemon X/Y whenever I finish that.
  11. Y-San

    Y-San Shinki

    4167 5521 6161
  12. MrLaserSharkKH

    MrLaserSharkKH Stand User

    I'll just throw this here...

    Friend Code: 1392-5333-9368

    Feel free to add, and I'll get to you at some point...
  13. Ranger Ryu

    Ranger Ryu Kiznaiver

    feel free to add me (never done this before)

    Friend Code: 2320-6321-2917
  14. Ath

    Ath Pokémon Master

    I always neglect this on my 3DS... anyway I hear registering friends can help in Bravely Default since they can be used as summons. This is just the kick up the backside I needed to remember to add everyone, so if you've added me before and I haven't added back, sorry! :oops: I'm adding everyone now!
  15. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu Oyashiro-Sama

    I now have my own 3DS :D My friend code is: 2423-4185-6128 . Feel free to add me.
  16. Sayo

    Sayo Brigade Leader

    send me a pm if you add me so I know o.o
  17. britguy

    britguy Za Warudo

    Hi, have any of you guys been invited to the ambassador programme for the new 3ds and not looking to buy it? Would you help a desperate new 3ds admirer out :)
  18. Ath

    Ath Pokémon Master

    If you're still looking for one, I can help you out mate. I've decided to wait for the New 3DS XL instead (hoping for some kind of Xenoblade special edition!). Gimme a shout via PM if you still want one and we'll sort it out.