The Official 3DS Friend Code List

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by afoia, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. afoia

    afoia Adventurer

    Mario Kart 7 Community Code: 49-6884-7739-8611

    I'll update this post with everyone's friend code

    3DS Friend Codes

    afoia - 4511-0452-9300
    Maxon - 0946-2220-2112
    Lupus - 1203-9396-6213
    alexrose1uk - 3351-4045-9961
    Max Takeshi - 3050-7568-0559
    Aya-Kun - 2750 1083 2171
    Joshawott - 3652-0514-0520
    Arbalest - 3523-2023-9757
    Rena Ryuugu - 4339 2721 0266
    Reevothemusefan - 0946-3567-3512
    ikarichan - 0817 4193 8794
    Cathe - 3781-0421-0485
    FourthLion - 0044-3181-1969
    Ath - 0559-6748-9798
    Taylor - 4785-4583-8486
    Tachi - 4184-1933-9649
  2. MaxonTreik

    MaxonTreik Chuunibyou

    I probably won't be getting MK7 but I'll post mine anyway.

  3. Lupus

    Lupus Baka Ranger

    Not getting MK7 either.

  4. alexrose1uk

    alexrose1uk Straw Hat Pirate

    Feel free to add me 3351-4045-9961
  5. Max Takeshi

    Max Takeshi Great Teacher

    Right here:-


    Mario Kart 7 is go.
  6. Aya-Kun

    Aya-Kun Hunter

    mines 2750 1083 2171

    Will be getting mario kart =3
  7. afoia

    afoia Adventurer

    bump for community code, Also admin, could this be stickied?
  8. Joshawott

    Joshawott Monsieur Monster AUKN Staff

    Fudge, how did I not notice this? I has Mario Kart too! (but I suck so much my 7 year old brother beats me).

  9. Arbalest

    Arbalest 黒い剣士 Moderator

    you know, i saw this, thought ok, then blanked it for some reason. No idea why. Here's mine to add to the list:


    chances are you will see me on DOA, Resi Mercs or letterbox a lot. If not, the 3DS GBA ambassador titles.
  10. afoia

    afoia Adventurer

  11. Joshawott

    Joshawott Monsieur Monster AUKN Staff

    Just an update, I own Street Fighter IV and Dead or Alive Dimensions as well.
  12. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu Oyashiro-Sama

    Borrowed my bf's 3DS to play SSF4: 3DS, so feel free to add me if you want a match :3

    FC is: 4339 2721 0266
  13. ikarichan

    ikarichan Completely Average High School Student

    you know if i can add you with a 3DS from spain? if so i'll add my code here :3
  14. Arbalest

    Arbalest 黒い剣士 Moderator

    You can do yeah, 3DS friend codes should work from anywhere.
  15. Reevothemusefan

    Reevothemusefan Vampire Ninja

    Oh right, didn't know this thread was here.

    Bought my 3DS recently, so my friend code is: 0946-3567-3512
  16. Joshawott

    Joshawott Monsieur Monster AUKN Staff

    Just a note, I also have Dead or Alive, Super Street Fighter IV and Kid Icarus =3. Send me a PM if you add me, so I can add you back.
  17. ikarichan

    ikarichan Completely Average High School Student

    cool! then my code is 0817 4193 8794
    And the only game i have for now for play with more people is Kid icarus
  18. Cathe

    Cathe Great Teacher

    If im looking in the right place, mine is:


    I just got it today, let me know if you add me so I can add you back! :D
  19. FourthLion

    FourthLion Adventurer

    Hey guys, I've had my 3DS for ages but would like to make some friends on it :p

    My code is 0044-3181-1969
  20. ikarichan

    ikarichan Completely Average High School Student

    im adding all of you :3