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Whilst I was checking up on the fact that Knights of Sidonia (2nd July) is leaving Netflix that I remember someone mentioning, I discovered that Samurai Champloo (13th July) is also leaving next month.
2 years fly by 😮
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Samurai Champloo.
Been on my list ever since, better get round to watching it soon!
Sometimes they come back fairly quickly other times not so much, it's been about 10 months since Kill La Kill went.


After 3.33 it wouldn't surprise me if they lost it. And Khara partners with someone I feel it will have a very close to JP release worldwide release.


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A few months ago I think a lot of people wouldn't have had much interest in Eva, but the Netflix release will bump awareness up a bit and make it a bit more viable for a theatrical release

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I just hope for consistency. Either get the old cast for the last film or re-dub the prior Rebuild films with the new cast. I'll take either, just don't leave it disjointed.


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That must have been quite the trauma that caused the drama... Germany had has the movie 3.33 December 2013. I guess they're probably going to be much faster for the last, too.