The *Im looking for* thread.

Probably a stretch but if anyone has a copy of the BOFURI CE from Funi UK to sell then I’d be interested.
Bit on the high end but there are two sellers with the set. More of a last case scenario if you can't find someone here to sell you a set.

Perhaps contact the seller regarding the price? £80.00 + £5.00 P&P

Last copy left. £79.99 + £1.26
Thank you! I've had them on order there for a while, but I'm not certain if they will actually get it in sadly...
Oh that's a shame.

For me, it was Fruits Basket volume 8 - I had to wait several months before Amazon managed to obtain further copies!

Here's hoping Amazon manage to get both volumes for you :)
Durarara Shou Ten Ketsu blu-rays.

Just read via gravs website that they were £13 each last year in the sale via alltheanime Looks like i ventured back in to the fold a year late!