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Flame Haze
The series was popular around the time my little brother was the target age for the show so I watched a fair bit of it.

The man himself proved to be a wonderful person, very down to earth and abundantly grateful to the fans who used the power of memes to raise money for his cancer treatment.
He even did a livestream performing the song with the other Robbie actors. It’s such a shame that the cancer became inoperable. Cancer is a real sh*tter, took my Nan last February.

Wow, what a nice bloke 😃

I can definitely hear the "Madness" influence in the song. What a great bunch of performers 🙂

The brother of Dick?
Why are you like this? 😑

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I probably should tidy my room up (again) and finish putting the Christmas tree up. :D


EDIT: I clear hit the Post Reply button waaaay too fast and typed finished instead of finish. :/
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sweet jumping jone's dinner of jelly beans! just went around the house wondering what some of the collections of my anime might be worth, collected them all up and... I need shelve, what I gathered up covers almost my whole bed (quite a big double) and that's even with same series/franchise stacked together. there's still more fanservice focused stuff under my bed too -.-


I actually just looked. it's just watamote, Elfen Leid, monmusume and belladona of sadness under there. in the case of belladona I'd have to agree
I have all my anime proudly on display. My parents never set foot in my room, asides from assisting the building of furniture and putting up picture frames.