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Thousand Master
Tbh apart from existing stuff like DB, MHA, FT 2018 was rather forgettable. Could barely think of anything to nominate so didn't bother.

It's says a lot I remember 2017 more lol.


Vampire Ninja
I was thinking I preffered 2018 slightly but my ratings disagree. Only two 9/10s from 2018 and zero 10/10. 2017 I had two 10/10 and seven 9/10. 😲

Devilman Crybaby
Yuru Camp
March Comes in Like a Lion season 2
Rakugo season 2

Eccentric Family season 2
Made in Abyss
Welcome to the Ballroom
My Hero Academia season 2
Land of the Lustrous
Tsuki Ga Kirei
FSN: Heavens Feel

Still plenty of stuff i missed though, from both years actually.


This is the first full year I've been watching seasonal anime, so nothing to compare to. But I would agree with Mothers Basement video I just watched that there was lots of good shows in lots of different genres so everyone should have at least one show that they really liked and that the anime community as a whole is a lot more diverse so it's harder to come to a concensus about what is the greatest.

For example I feel anyone who has not watched Yuru Camp or APFTTU, which seem to be high up on a lot of peoples lists, are missing out. But if they're not your bag then fair enough, but I still say give them a chance.


Vampire Ninja
I started thinking about APFTTU a lot more recently and I'd say it's tied with Laid-Back Camp until I give it a proper rewatch. It's been a pretty strong year for me with some standout series from each season. Though nothing really came close to beating those two for me.
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I've just counted the shows I did watch/catch up on from last year and out of 14 I gave one 9 (I haven't watched Abyss or LOTL yet, still waiting on that PS4 app from HiDive), whereas this year out of the 60 odd shows I've given one 10 & one 9, but loads of 8s.


Vampire Ninja
I wish Mal would let you add decimal points to ratings. I always feel like im underrating/overrating series. For instance, Reincarnated as a Slime would be 8.3, Goblin Slayer would be 7.6, but i'll probably end up giving both 8/10. 😐