Soul Calibur III

My excitement is rocketing, as various forum members will tell you, although I fear Neptune2venus/Cassandra is the most excited of all. ;)

I can't wait for another batch of sublime duels with such endearing personalities as Cervantes, Nightmare, Raphael and Ivy, although apart from Setsuka the newbies don't seem too exciting.

The character customization mode seems promsing, I look foward to creating a bishounen swordsman to cut down Astaroth again and again.

Who else is looking foward to fighting, fighting and fighting?


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Oh yes definitely. I love the idea of getting to creat my own character, i am of course going to be creating the best looking man i can :lol: .
Out of the new characters i think i like the looks Setsuka the most too, and the new looks Sigfried for all of the older characters look interesting aswell


i also cannot wait for this game, i have been counting down the days till the UK release :lol: , i can't wait to beat up every character using Sueng Mina again


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Necromancer_1983 said:
I have no idea what kind of character I would like to create but I know it'll be the best :p.
Ha, ha, no i think you will find that my sexy bishounen will be the best :wink: .
Who is everyones favourite character from the other games
Halloween has certainly become my favourite day of recent months! :wink:

I got the US NTSC version of Soul Calibur III today! I scanned in both front and back for everyone's viewing pleasure. Click on the thumbnails for a better look.



Surprisingly when I looked inside the box - it had 2-disks! It comes with a free Namco demo disk called: Trans|mission version 3.2 although I have no idea what's on it yet. The instruction manual is the usual bare bones (16 pages) but at least it's in colour!

I haven't played it yet, so I will provide more info on it later! :wink:
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Cool you got it, i ma jealous now, i still have to wait for the UK version to come out :( Please tell us all how it plays!
Ryo Chan said:
pffft soul calibur

only good fighting games are dead or alive and budokai series

Soul Calibur is the one to rule them all! :wink:

First Impressions
After the impressive opening (though not as great as SCII in my opinion) I went straight to complete Cassandra's side of the story - of course! I despaired at first because her VA had changed, but after a while it wasn't so bad! Cassandra is now more sarcastic than ever and gains another plus in my book!
Unlike the previous games, you can now choose decide which path to pursue via some text. Would you rather go after the Soul Blade or defeat the person who is watching you?
I had trouble defeating some of AI - some of them use cheap moves over and over to kill you. It may get a little frustrating but the end reward is worth it!
The graphics are stunningly detailed and the backgrounds have now had a complete overhaul. Each character has a stage of their own ala Soul Calibur 1. The music is overall very good and you may recognize some tunes from the previous games remixed. (Lazy Namco!)
After each battle you may unlock a character or a piece for character creation. During some cutscenes you may even have to press some buttons like the QTE's in Shenmue.

I have completed the game so far with: Cassandra, Tira and Sophitia. Each ending so far just used in-game graphics so I suspect there are no CG endings (as of yet)
With the money earned, you can buy and unlock modes like survival or buy new weapons for your characters via the weapon and item shops.

I haven't tested the infamous 'Chronicles Of The Sword' mode yet as I have barely any clothes for the character creation mode - you need to unlock them all!
Almost forgot! If you don't like English VA's then you can switch the language to Japanese via the sound settings in the option menu.

Overall it's looking and playing great! A word of warning to Ivy fans - she's been severly toned down in terms of power, moves and range. :shock: .


OOO..i like the sounds of it already, and Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur rule the fighting game you start off with Seung Mina by any chance or do you have to unlock her like in SC2?
Sounds great Neptune, glad you've got yours today, *grrrrr* I've got my fingers crossed for tomorrow.

In Soul Calibur II Raphael became my favourite character to use because of his quick, mid-range strikes. Before that, though, it was Cervantes all the way - his impaling throws are always enjoyable, and I must say I think he becomes more powerful each game. Ivy is always fun to use once you've got used to the whip-swords positons, too. Xianghua is the character I first picked up, and I still use her often today.

Most of the characters I favour tend towards short-to-mid range fast-paced attacks, for some reason, but with a few excpetions (Maxi/Elvis, Astaroth, Talim, the dire Yunsing, Calcos) I love playing as many characters, such as Mitsu and Sigfried/Nightmare. Sigfried's design looks great in SCIII.

Neptune, if you manage to tear yourself away from the game and online, what do you make of the new characters? From the outset, Olcadon seems the basic cheap random weapon and moveset character, and his design seems a bit average. Zazamalel has a great looking weapon, but I don't know if I'd enjoy playing as him - he seems to err on the blundering slow side, but I may be completely wrong. Tira seems a little over-the-top, but I'm sure she'll be fun to play as. I love the look and fighting style Setsuka, or what i've pierced from videos at least, and I look foward to playing as her.
Hopefully you'll get your copy soon Chomo! :D

Now that I've played a bit more of the game, time to answer some of your questions.

Yes Seong Mi-Na (they changed the spelling her name from Seung Mina to make it more realistic, same with Seong Yun instead of Yun Sung) is playable from the start. :D

I've unlocked these characters so far: Sophitia, Lizardman, Cervantes, Rock, Yoshimitsu simply by battling them in the 1p mode.

I've played Setsuka now - she's fast and strings combos together rather than having powerful moves. I struggled a fair bit on her Tales Of Soul mode because she simply couldn't hit them hard enough I felt. Even on Easy, the game doesn't hold back on you, I must of tried 10-15 times to beat Misturugi with Setsuka before he finally got his tuppence worth! But I love her style! But she's not someone who I'm going to be good with unless I work at it. :wink:
Tira is a juggler type with her huge Chakram type weapon. Just think Harley Quinn, Joker's assistant in Batman and you'll get her psychotic personality to a tea! She twists and turns alot and I thought she was more easier to use than Setsuka. I liked her ending: It's in first person view and she's raiding Sophitia's have two ways to pick. Left or Right. I picked right and Sophitia and Cassandra chucked me out the house! I must use left next time to see what happens!
I haven't played Zazamael yet, but you'll be getting to see alot of him in the Tales of Soul mode. Unfortunately you can't skip the scenes.
Sophitia's style remains unchanged from the previous games with a slight variation on moves. Cassandra has had a bit fo re-working (not much compared to Ivy) and she's better than ever!

Chronicles Of The Sword mode is where you move your created character units and battle others in real time. It reminds me of Battle Ogre but tres stripped down. It's really basic at best because all you need to do is just battle everyone and make sure you win! However it's a fun little side mode - when your sick of getting beat up by Mitsurugi using Setsuka. ;) You get to unlock lots of character creation stuff this way.
There also some little 'mini games' or rather 'missions' like beating up a Giant statue and getting so much damage within the time limit. Sometimes it's fun to challenge yourself! There's a whole heap of things to unlock like character art, battle demonstrations and other things using your gold. However, I'm rather stingy so I only bought Sophitia and Cassandra's character artwork.

I think Soul Calibur III is the best yet - despite the load times which I'm not use to, having played SCII on the Xbox ;) It takes everything and makes it better! It was definitely worth the wait!
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Release Date: UK - Friday 18th November

Where is the big hype for Soul Calibur 3?
Come on everyone! Surely there is someone just gasping to play it's greatness? After two weeks and a bit of owning it, all I need is one picture to unlock in the gallery! Character Creation is still fun to use and the A.I. still owns me sometimes!

Who is your favourite character? Who is your most hated? And why does Taki's chest inflate with each installment? lol :D

Favourite Character: Cassandra Alexandria
Least Favourite Character: Mitsurugi
Favourite Phrase: "Were you thinking of winning? Oh I'm sorry!" (Cassandra) "Why do you raise your sword against me?" (Sophitia) "Fear me for I am a demon!" (Setsuka)
Worst Phrases: "I'm gonna zing ya!" (Xianghua) "Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrricked ya!" (Xianghua) or basically Xianghua in general. :wink:
Most Improved Character: My Cassie of course and perhaps Yun-Seong.
Least Improved: Talim/Ivy
Best Shop Girl: Valeria (Item Shop)
Best Music: Setsuka's Stage/Gallery

Just 2 more days to go!
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wow these two things im looking forward to tomorrow now and they are this game and harry potter movie(which im going to watch at 12 am friday :))


Moderator, have to get into the shops to get it then, the Hp movie..oh yeah, my friend is seeing that at 9am tomorrow..hope she likes it..


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They totally mixed Ivy's move set 'cries'
Theres no vs team battles anymore ' cries'

Heck this is proabably the worst Soul Calibour game out of the series.The mechanism for the game is very fast paced. Some of the characters are unblanced.

Nightmare's a pimp ^^