Sometimes unexpected things happen


Completely Average High School Student
Signed up for this backup board. Sometimes the UK gets some news before the US does (I'm an American)


After my monumental 3000th post, which may or may not have had calamitous results by the look of things, I now humbly submit my very first.
At least such numbers are easily managed.


Za Warudo
Hi guys and gals. It's my first post here so please be gentle... Let's all be friends, okay?

*I'm noticing a distinct lack of spoiler tags in the full editor.


Karamatsu Boy
So much self esteem in this topic...

Thanks Mangaranga, I'll see whether anything can be done :S



Mad Scientist
Just an extra warning everyone, BE EXTRA VIGILANT.

Somebody has just tried to log in to my Twitter. Which given there's been a hack is not unexpected, except it's under both a different username and a different email address to my AUKN account. I think we may be being deliberately targeted...


Za Warudo
Well, wasn't this quite the thing to come home to. o_O Why on earth would someone target a small UK anime forum? lol I think I've now changed all the sites that used the same password, or at least all the important ones. Let this be a lesson for me that I shouldn't use the same password for different sites (although both my email addresses have their own passwords). Haven't had anything suspicious pop up yet but I guess it's early days.

As it's the only forum I actually use, thank you to the staff (or Rui, not sure who is involved) for getting something up quickly, glad so many people found their way over too (I randomly spotted it on twitter). I do hope everything from the old site hasn't vanished into the ether though.

Shiroi Hane said:
Remember when adding 2000 or millennium to things was cool? actually. :p


Karamatsu Boy
Professor Irony said:
Someone disagreed with our 3x3 grid choices, clearly.

I bet it was Yowanda's grid. No one person should be able to monopolise that much Nico Nico Nii.