Site problems


State Alchemist
Forum was only displaying the 'critical error' message from 3:31-3:33pm. I kept refreshing every ten seconds or so, I don't know if knowing when it's happening is helpful to you chaos.

...And when I tried to post this message at 3:35 it critical errored again. Refreshing at 3:36 I got '500 Server Error', blank page twice at 3:37 then it was back at 3:38.

Blank page when I tried to quote from General Convo which lasted from 3:47-3:50

Blank page again from 3:52-3:55, came back after loading for almost a minute.


Got a critical error when posting a message. When I refreshed then page it said 'Unable to connect to the data server localhost at this time'.

When I tried to report the problem I got the dreaded '500 Server Error', blank page combo.


State Alchemist
Away from AUKN between 3:58-4:11. Attempted to post in General Convo and after almost two minutes of loading an actual forum page came up which said:

"Failed sending email :: PHP ::


Line : 236
File : emailer.php"

Blank page on trying to reload at 4:13. it had however posted my message when it did reload at 4:16. Critical error trying to open the forum index from 4:18-4:19.


Baka Ranger
chaos said:
Jayme said:
You should see if redgore or someone can host the site? It's also currently fine for me...
Does he runs a hosting company?
I don't remember exactly but he has some sort of set-up and has a website, IIRC. Might be worth trying to contact him just in case he does host things.


State Alchemist
Site has run better when I've checked it today, but annoyingly is still ******* around with cookies (I assume), which is causing problems as I browse the forum via "new posts since you last visited".


The Boss
I've just had this morning. More fiddling around the hosting suggestions and if things don't improve, then is moving hosts time again.

I have to figure out how to claim the money back though, as we paid for a whole year. :'(


The Boss
Ok, all changes requested were made and when I finally narrowed the issue down, I realized the album section was being bombarded with spam. There was over 7 billion comments on the pictures there, so I disabled the comment box on that, as it wasn't very used.

Hopefully, this sorts all issues for good, but if anyone notices issues, please let me know.