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I dunno how many have been up overnight as of late, or early morning, but i've been finding the site has been suffering from a lot of critical errors and every part of the site, from the main page to the chat stops working. Anyone else been having this problem at all, be it during the day or night or whenever?


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I have not seem any issues for a long time. I can take a look later today, but if you happen to see any errors, if you could be so kind and C&P them here or email them to me I'd truly appreciate it.


I have....but strangely enough it only does it randomly during the day. its the typical Critical Error: 500.


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One critical error yesterday afternoon, but a little earlier it disappeared for a while leaving only a blank page.


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Ryo Chan said:
somthings defo up

critical errors left right and center just now, and chats lagging somthing nasty

I feel like going back to the other host. And then again, we have paid a whole year for this one :'(


Just had my fist problem of the day. The problem occured at 16.49 and said this,

500 Server Error
A misconfiguration on the server caused a hiccup. Check the server logs, fix the problem, then try again. URL:

Warning: shell_exec() []: Unable to execute 'checksuexec '/home1/animeukn/public_html/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11667'' in /home1/animeukn/public_html/forums/500.php on line 13
Hope this helps.


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More problems than an interracial gay marriage in Texas & slower than the next dump you take after eating twelve boxes of All-Bran.


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Just got hit with a critical error.

Also noticed it seems to take a while to post sometimes, I thought it may be Virgin messing with my speed but I just did a speed test and got really good results.


ayase said:
One critical error yesterday afternoon, but a little earlier it disappeared for a while leaving only a blank page.
That just happened to me while reading this thread. :?


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Still it's all caused by the hosting company =( Site was fine with the previous one (only issue was that the previous one was almost 3 times more expensive than the one we are using now)


It's not been a complete bain chaos. Does get annoying at times, but it hasn't dettered me from coming back to the forum and trying again. Maybe an edit in the Forum information for new members may be required to make them aware that it's only a smalll hindrance. ^___^

Edit: Also having slowdown as Ayase is in following post.