Shadow Skill TV series acquired by ADV Films


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The trailer section of ADV Films website has been updated, to reveal they have the rights for the TV Series Shadow Skill. The series, which was made in 1998 is a more in depth re-telling of an OVA that was previously released by Manga Entertainment. UK fans interested in the series should keep their eye on ADV UK for a possible UK release announcement.

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This is an interesting license. I own "Shadow Skill: The Movie" VHS and it's one of those movies where we are thrown into a story with no beginning and (if I can remember correctly) no end. I wasn't overly impressed, but it has an attractive look and the name has always stuck with me.

Considering their financial position though, I'm not sure if this is something ADV should be licensing. But then, action series always seem to do well, regardless of age.
About time someone licensed this! :D

I enjoyed the OVA of Shadow Skill with it's blend of unique fighting styles and excellent animation (at the time!).

Can't wait to see what the series brings out from the characters! Hopefully some character development! :wink:
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i though this was going to be one of them serie that would never be licensed but i guess this is good news but i think they should have saved there money and licensed something better.