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Yo Guys! Just thought I'd plug my new blog here for those that are interesting in animation analysis. I started the blog a couple of weeks ago and so far it seems to be getting some decent views and I'm happy with it but since i love you guys so much, i just thought I'd inform you in case you wanted to have a read. So far i have voiced my opinions on the use of CG in anime (specifically Black Rock Shooter TV and The Berserk Movies), Compared the new versions of FMA and Hunter X Hunter to the old ones and am almost done with my 3 part series of posts analysing the animation of Birdy The Mighty: Decode through its animators. I'm not the best writer but this is something I'm really passionate about so i have some strong opinions. Would be awesome to get a second opinion on any improvements i could make to my writing as well.

Edit: Almost forgot to include a link to the blog lol.