Round One, Battle Four: Yomiko vs Seras

Round One, Battle Four: Yomiko vs Seras

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This poll thread is for the girls fight between Yomiko Readman, Paper Master extrodinaire (from Read Or Die) and the Hellsing organisations very own female vampire, Seras Victoria (from Hellsing obviously).

You have 7 days to vote on this poll from today and the winner will go through to the next round. Please make sure to comment on who you vote in this thread!

Below are two images of the characters in question should you need a reminder of who they are.

All are welcome to vote, so may the best anime character win!

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In the anime Seras is far too irritating for my tastes, aswell as not being a very good vampire, so Yomiko and her lethal origami gets my vote here.
I've donated my vote to Yomiko, because while I love Hellsing (manga, of course, more than anime), ROD is truly one of my favourite OVAs and series and along with Nenene, Yomiko is my favourite ROD character.
Yomiko's love of books and novel Paper Master abilities earn her my vote...not to mention the fact that I haven't actually seen Hellsing yet.
I voted Yomiko. Because, well, Seras doesn't do the whole 'killing humans' thing so easily as her master does, and Yomiko would probably be pretty handy with creating a stake to put Seras out for good. Paper is made from wood pulp, after all :)

EDIT: and, once again, Yomiko has the cooler theme tune ;)
As much as I love studious femme fatale Yomiko I'm going to have to go with Seras, the sequence in the manga in which she has the gargantuan Harkonnen (sp?) strapped to her back has to be seen to be believed :p.
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Yomiko is cool, but her selfish nature sometimes irritates me. Seras can be annying as well from being pretty pathtic sometimes, but when she goes crazy, it's all good! (Voted Seras)
I voted for Seras, mainy because i haven't yet seen R.O.D (TV), and Seras is just ultra cool lol.

And her dubbed character had a sexy English accent to boot :p

(and she's a vampire...always a good thing)
Im gona go with Seras and the best "cor blimey" accent this side of dick van dyke.

Also shes a direct desendant from Alurcard so she must have a lot of hiden powers shes just finding.
I haven't seen Hellsing, but I think with Seras being a vampire she'd probably have somewhat of an edge over Yomiko, especially where intimidation's concerned. But having said that, Yomiko seems to bounce back from every situation she's put into and keeps a level head all the same; I reckon she'd trounce Seras in the end.
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