Recent Downtime (06/05/2019) – Forum Upgrade


Dandy Guy, in Space
It's our primary brand font, Nunito Sans – it's the same font we use in our logo and on the main site. :)
Thanks! I'm always on the lookout for nice fonts that aren't overly complicated but still look a little different. Looks like I have a new default font for Libreoffice... :)

Deleted member 4555

I also noticed that when I go into the DMs from my phone, it jumps straight to the most recent page now. That's loads better, as before, when I clicked on the conversation, I was having to scroll right down to the bottom of the first page and then type in the page number I wanted.

Not a massive inconvenience before, certainly, but loads better now! 😊👍
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State Alchemist
This is my circle, it was made for me!

I normally use dark themes everywhere they're available, but I'm too much of a traditionalist to use it on here, it just feels... wrong. Is that really italic? Not very slanty. With that one exception I've just discovered I like the font.

I'd probably have taken the opportunity to ban emoji entirely, social media has made me sick of seeing them, but that's just me.