Recent Downtime (06/05/2019) – Forum Upgrade


Deleted member 4555

I almost feel like the cloud series should also be emoji, the current cloud emoji just don't do it justice: ☁
Cloud blobs with different expressions; I could get on board with this! 👍

I'm also loving the fact that you can just type the emoji now inside a pair of colons, and it even pre-empts the one you might be looking for.


Karamatsu Boy
Eek, my beloved black avatar border left me looking unsightly for a moment there.

Well done with the update, Teapot :)



CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
Liking the new changes, plus the dark theme is very neat, might have to keep it as default!


Stand User
Nah, I use dark themes for work when I'm staring at the screen all day but the light theme on AUKN stops me from staring at the wrong screen all day. Probably get more work done if I leave it as is.


Dandy Guy, in Space
Sounds like a simple question, but does anyone know what the new default font is? I quite like the look of it.