RahXephon Vs Neon Genesis Evangelion!

Hovis! said:
I enjoyed reading your way of interpretating the three series. :D
they joy's of dieting, mind always on food.
Just wondering about of the Eva 'courses' people liked. Always got the impression people found the begining (Aprox episode 1-2/3) enjoyable, 3-5 barely patable, 6 to about 20 very tasty, 21-24 distasteful and the last two episodes chocolate curry ice cream with liver sauce. People however only chose to remeber and watch the bits of the meal they liked, and since the other bits generally get passed it by next time the have it.
Well I've seen eva but not the other. Though if it's similar I might want to give it a try.

What I loved about Eva and what I think raises it above almost anything else I have ever seen/read/heard in any genre of anything is the sheer complexity of it. It has more layers than an onion crossed with an Ogre crossed with a wedding cake. I think it's really something when you can honestly say that one of the end of humanity as we know it and some very serious philosophical implications can take a back seat to characterisation and the social interactions of around 10 people.

I loved it for it's humour, it's action sequences, it's complex storyline, it's religious imagery (and yes I understand it has no real meaning at all), it's characterisation, the bond it creates between the viewer and every character and for what I believe to be a very uplifting final message, that through all the worst life can possible throw at you (and lord knows Shinji's been through a LOT!!) he still believes in the end that the good things in life more than make up for all the ****. That's something I think people can take heart in and in a small way I think just watching it changed my outlook on life slightly.

For all these reasons and more I think my vote would likely end up going to eva but if anyone thinks Rahxephon is comparable then I would certainly endevour to see it at some point.
Well RaXephon is my favourite anime with Evangilon close behind , I dont really have anything to say thats bad about either of them adoring both of them a great deal.

RaXephon's appeal for me lay in the romance , I adore a well told love-story , and the epic tale of lost love at the heart of the series really held its appeal all the way through for me ( being on the edge of my seat during the final few episodes ).
I also love the way RaXephon's story develops a little each episode, in my eyes there really seemed to be no "filler" episodes , as some key charecter or plot devleopments always occoured in each episode, a smell segmant only being given away sometimes , but then truly epic and moving events ( yes I was in tears at some scenes :oops: ) at other times.
Coupled with other things like the beautiful music , the wonderful cast , thats what made RaXephon as masterpiece.

As for Evangilon , I think the charecters made this for me. I felt that each and every one of the main charecters had something to add , they all felt very human to me... which was part of their appeal. Considering I only saw Evangilon this year and after RaXephon , that may well be why I felt RaXephon was better . But I certainly felt the darker, slightly more serious plot of Evangilon stood up well to RaXephon despite being ten years old , I definately think they are both masterpieces.