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As suggested by our regular forum member Shadowcat, considering many of us are video game fans and also with a love for anime or Japanese culture in general it's time for a nice good solid list of games from the PlayStation 3 store (PSN games, DLC notices or PS1 & PS2 Classics), PSP store and Vita store that are worth downloading right now.

As of Monday 19th April 2021, Sony has announced they will continue support for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita stores thanks to probably the whole gaming community (the original dates were 2nd July and 27th August respectively). The PlayStation Portable store will close on 2nd July as planned.

Now there are some folks out there would always ask the question "they looked ancient, like why would anybody play this?", but there's more to it than that. Video games in general are an art form and they have their own quirks that often defeat newer releases or stand out more than expected. Older games also tend to have licensed properties that may not be available with current titles through the likes of sports games, racing games and music/rhythm games.

Because Sony at the moment is rejecting their past with their current generation platforms, I decided to make this thread after a few suggestions to provide a list of games that are worth owning or considering for your digital PlayStation 3, Vita & PSP collection. I may also expand this thread to include physical releases over time if folks would like that, especially considering the original store closure announcement has caused a rapid increase in prices for physical media. This list will also include Japanese imports when available.

Here's a few mini notes:

1) Select games are also available physically so if you lose access to the digital version it is possible to secure a disc copy later, notable examples include The Last Guy, Siren Blood Curse and Tokyo Jungle. Though saying that, not every title will be available for cheap.

2) There is a concerning situation regarding the CMOS Battery where if the PSN servers officially close down altogether, you may lose access to your digital library however the discs will survive without issue. Read more about that from Twitter user DoesItPlay who is looking to find a solution asap.

Where can I buy these digital PS3, PSP & Vita games then?

Unfortunately Sony being the twits that they are, have decided since late last year to remove the option to purchase PS3, PSP & Vita games including their DLC or even the Classics titles from their browser storefront when the redesign occurred. The good news is that all of the games are still available on the console stores.

If you haven't created an account for the US and Japanese stores, it's pretty simple as you basically need to have an e-mail address that is different to your UK account and the address location setup can be anything from their region. After that you can browse and grab the pre-paid PSN funds to buy whatever you want. The PSN funds are universal so if you bought a $50 PSN card for the US PS3 & Vita stores, you can also use whatever is left in your funds for US PS4 & PS5 stores for instance.

If a title does not appear on a selection page like say a list of PS1/PS2 Classics, then you'll need to search for the name for it to appear. I had to do that for a select number of titles when I was browsing the UK & US PSN stores, but at least the Japanese PSN has all of the classic games listed together without issue.

Where to buy PSN codes.

I have tried out two sources over the years for different PSN stores.

For the UK side I recommend CD Keys as I have had no issues with them on various versions of the store credit.
For the US/JPN side I have used Play-Asia a couple of times and I haven't had any issues with them. Considering they handle their Asian imports with good care, they have done a good job with the digital side as well. A Disclaimer though: I am an Affiliate for their site so the links below will support me if you purchase any of the links below:


If you're new to Play-Asia and like to use PayPal, it's a separate option to the other payments when you visit your basket!

Grav's Recommendations/Suggestions/"Did You Know PlayStation 3 Had These Games":

PlayStation 3 Digital Games (via PlayStation Network):

Like Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation also provided a bunch of digital games. Many of them will be lost when the store closes and I won't be able to list all of them here since the list would probably break this post, but a handful I want to point out at least here.

PSN Game:UK PSN Price:File Size:
Battle Princess of Arcadias£24.99
[Retail PS3 available in Japan (JP language only)]
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse£9.99
[Also on Xbox & Steam]
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirrors of Fate HD£9.99
[Also on Xbox & Steam]
[Also on Steam]
Dead Space: Extraction HD£11.993.4GB
DuckTales: Remastered£11.99
[Retail PS3 available]
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara£11.99
[Retail PS3 available in Japan (JP language only)]
Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest£32.99
[Retail PS3 available in Japan (JP language only)]
Hard Corps: Uprising£9.99
[Also on Xbox]
The House of the Dead III£?.991.1GB
House of the Dead 4£?.994GB
inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood£7.99
£15.99 Bundle with:
PSN Picks: Killzone + inFAMOUS: FoB
Killzone HD£9.99
£15.99 Bundle with:
PSN Picks: Killzone + inFAMOUS: FoB

[Retail PS3 available with Killzone Trilogy]
The Last Guy£3.99
[Retail PS3 available in Japan (JP language only)]
Medal of Honor: Frontline HD£7.996GB
MotorStorm 3D Rift£7.991.4GB
MotorStorm RC???1.3GB
Raiden IV: OverKill£12.99
[Also on Steam]
[Retail PS3 available in Japan (JP language only)]
Ratchet: Gladiator (Deadlocked) HD£11.993.9GB
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles HD£11.99
£21.99 Bundle with:
Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection

[Retail PS3 available in Japan (JP language only)]
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles HD£11.99
£21.99 Bundle with:
Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection

[Retail PS3 available in Japan (JP language only)]
Super Rub'a'Dub£3.99178.7MB
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-CarsFree179.1MB
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online£15.99602.6MB
[Retail PS3 available in Japan (JP language only),
Also included in Best of PSN Vol. 1 (super OOP)]
When Vikings Attack!£3.99
[Also included in Best of PSN Vol. 1 (super OOP)]

PlayStation 3 Retail Games:

The PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 era introduced the idea of downloading full retail games digitally on the consoles. However, as the years go by, physical media can be harder to acquire so it's a shame the digital store for PSN is closing because that will mean a lot of the cheaper titles for retail are going to be inaccessible.

Below is a list of retail games that you can download digitally and are ones that I would recommend, even if they're not great:

Console Exclusive PS3 Game:UK PSN Price:File Size:
Agarest: Generations of War 2£28.99
[Also on Steam]
Agarest: Generations of War Zero£19.99
[Also on Steam]
Ape Escape
(Requires PS Movie & Camera)
Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!£15.99
[Also on Steam]
Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unknown Star£44.99
[Remaster in JP for PS4 & Switch]
The Awakened Fate Ultimatum£15.991.7GB
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend£15.99
[Also on Steam]
Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut£19.99
[Also on Steam]
Demon's Souls£15.99
[Remake on PS5]
Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness£15.992.1GB
Drakengard 3£15.9914.5GB
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn£44.9910.9GB
Everybody's Golf: World Tour£9.997.3GB
God of War HD£11.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
God of War HD Collection
God of War II HD£11.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
God of War HD Collection
God of War: Ascension£10.9934.8GB
God of War: Chains of Olympus HD£11.99
£15.99 Bundle with:
God of War HD Collection 2
God of War: Ghost of Sparta HD£11.99
£15.99 Bundle with:
God of War HD Collection 2
The Guided Fate Paradox£15.993.3GB
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd£44.994.8GB
The House of the Dead Overkill Director's Cut£11.997.5GB
Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2£15.99
[Remake on Steam]
Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory£15.99
[Remake on Steam]
Ico HD£11.99
£15.99 Bundle with:
Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Classics HD
inFAMOUS 2£15.9914GB
Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy HD£7.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
Jak & Daxter HD Trilogy
Jak II: Renegade HD£7.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
Jak & Daxter HD Trilogy
Jak 3 HD£7.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
Jak & Daxter HD Trilogy
LittleBigPlanet Karting£10.9913.1GB
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots£11.9926.6GB
MotorStorm Apocalypse£10.996.6GB
Mugen Souls£8.99
[Also on Steam]
Mugen Souls Z£15.99
[Also on Steam]
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale£10.997.4GB
PlayStation Move Heroes
(Requires PS Movie & Camera)
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time HD£7.99
£11.99 Bundle with:
Prince of Persia HD Trilogy
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones HD£7.99
£11.99 Bundle with:
Prince of Persia HD Trilogy
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within HD£7.99
£11.99 Bundle with:
Prince of Persia HD Trilogy
Ragnarok Odyssey ACE£24.995.1GB
Ratchet & Clank HD£7.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy
Ratchet & Clank 2 HD£7.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy
Ratchet & Clank 3 HD£7.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time£10.9918.6GB
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One£10.9915.9GB
Ratchet & Clank: QForce£11.994.6GB
Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty£8.993.1GB
Ratchet & Clank: Nexus£10.9914.3GB
Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction£10.9915.8GB
Resistance 2£10.9921.4GB
Resistance: Fall of Man£10.9918GB
Shadow of the Colossus HD£14.99
£15.99 Bundle with:
Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Classics HD

[Remake on PS4]
Siren Blood Curse£9.999.1GB
Sly HD£7.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
Sly HD Trilogy
Sly 2: Band of Thieves HD£7.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
Sly HD Trilogy
Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves HD£7.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
Sly HD Trilogy
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time£10.9921.6GB
[Also on Steam,
Remaster in JP for PS4]
Tales of Graces f£15.996.7GB
Tales of Xillia£15.996.2GB
Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord£8.993.4GB
Twisted Metal£9.9913.6GB
Way of the Samurai 4£8.99
[Also on Steam]
[Also on Steam]

Multi-Platform PS3 Game:UK PSN Price:File Size:
Alice: Madness Returns
(American McGee's Alice is free to download)
[Also on Xbox 360]
Anarchy Reigns£19.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Armored Core: Verdict Day£9.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Battlefield: Bad Company 2£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Binary Domain£11.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway£8.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Crysis 2£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Crysis 3£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Dante's Inferno£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
The Darkness II£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Dead Space£9.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Dead Space 2£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Dead Space 3£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two£8.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Dragon Age II£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Dragon Age: Origins£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Dynasty Warriors 6£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Dynasty Warriors 7£24.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires£24.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2£44.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men£8.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days£7.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Killer is Dead£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
The King of Fighters XIII£9.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Lost Planet 3£9.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Max Payne 3£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Medal of Honor Warfighter£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD£9.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

[Also on Xbox 360]
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD£9.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

[Also on Xbox 360]
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD£9.99
£19.99 Bundle with:
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

[Also on Xbox 360]
Mini Ninjas£8.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Mirror's Edge£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Need for Speed: Most Wanted£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax£44.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Remember Me£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Ridge Racer Unbounded£8.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Shift 2 Unleashed£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed£11.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Soul Calibur V£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Spec Ops: The Line£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Split/Second Velocity£8.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
[Also on Xbox 360]
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II£11.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Tekken Tag Tournament 2£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas£8.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2£8.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Tomb Raider: Underworld£7.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Toy Story 3: The Video Game£8.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Ultra Street Fighter IV£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Warriors: Legends of Troy£15.99
[Also on Xbox 360]
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z£12.99
[Also on Xbox 360 & Steam]
Zone of the Enders HD£6.49
£12.99 Bundle with:
Zone of the Enders HD Collection

[Also on Xbox 360]
Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner HD£11.59
£12.99 Bundle with:
Zone of the Enders HD Collection

[Also on Xbox 360,
4K Ver. on PS4 &
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PlayStation 1 Classics Available on PS Plus or PlayStation 4/5:

The original PlayStation has a ton of hidden gems, beloved classics and a random bunch of genres altogether. A good amount were re-released for the PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network as a 'PS Classic'. As of 2022, Sony will now bring back select games as part of their new revamped PlayStation Plus service with a majority having the option to purchase them separately.

Note: If you have bought any of the PlayStation games from PS3 and that specific game is featured on PlayStation Plus, you will be entitled to download the PS4 & PS5 versions at no additional cost. This rule however will not apply to games that are available exclusively for PlayStation Plus, such as Mr. Driller, Resident Evil Director's Cut and Tekken 2.

Do note that because PlayStation and PlayStation 2 were made before the HD generation, what we got were PAL and NTSC differences. Many games were developed for the NTSC in mind so when they are converted into PAL they will run slower and may have some technical performance issues. The benefit of PAL is a slightly higher resolution and multiple language options in return, but if you are someone who prefers a stable 60hz and a better framerate, the NTSC is the preferred way to go.

The North American versions will be using the NTSC 60Hz versions, Japan will use the NTSC-J 60Hz (unless they were never released in that region, in which case the PAL versions have been used), Asia will have a mixture of PAL & NTSC, and Europe is expected to use the PAL 50Hz versions.

Note: Regarding the PS1 & PS2 classics that I mention here for PlayStation 3, I refer to their US/JP store counterparts because those are NTSC versions, whereas the UK/EU ones will usually be in PAL. I generally felt having the NTSC version is more of a complete/functional product than PAL but it's up to you if you want to go for the PAL version for various reasons, it'll still work but there may be some minor things here and there depending on the title.

The list will be split into two groups, one for the PlayStation 3 and another for the current generation platforms.

The PlayStation 4 & 5 versions provide save states, rewind options, different display options (CRT mode, 4:3, Zoomed etc) and potentially some better performances compared to the original.

An update has occurred post-launch that has increased the file sizes but in return offered NTSC versions to go alongside the existing PAL versions for UK/EU owners.

PS1:File Size:Trophies?Purchasable?Prev. released
on PS3:
Ape Escape1.79 GB
Dino Crisis--
Coming Soon
Listed on PS Blog
Disney Pixar's Toy Story 24.64 GB
Everybody's Golf
(Hot Shots Golf)
489.3 MB
Everybody's Golf 2
(Hot Shots Golf 2)
Jumping Flash667.6 MB
(Intelligent Qube)
865.5 MB
Mr. Driller492.7 MB
PS Plus
Premium Exclusive
(No download
Oddworld: Abe's Exodus9.25 GB
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee5.41 GB
Resident Evil Director's Cut2.44 GB
PS Plus
Premium Exclusive
(No download
entitlement for US ver.**)
Star Wars: DemolitionTBC
Syphon Filter4.52 GB
Syphon Filter 212.31 GB
Syphon Filter 3TBC
Tekken 21.21 GB
PS Plus
Premium Exclusive
(No download
Wild Arms2.68 GB
Worms Armageddon1.95 GB
Worms World Party724 MB

*Game was made available in Europe but has since been delisted.
**During the PS3 era, EU owners received the Director's Cut while US owners received the DualShock version, therefore only EU would be entitled because it's the same version.

PlayStation 1 Classics Available on PlayStation 3:

The list below, covers the PlayStation 3 line-up of PlayStation titles. Currently there have been over 250 games available on the North American store, and with the new PS Plus service the offer to own the PS4/5 version from acquiring the PS3 version is still intact if you prefer to get Jumping Flash, Syphon Filter, Toy Story 2 and Wild Arms from there instead.

There aren't that many available in comparison to the Japanese PSN store, but it's worth taking a look since there are games here that are extremely expensive in physical format.

PS1 Game:US PSN Price:File Size:
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare$5.99
[Also on Steam]
Alundra$5.99 [Search!]317.7MB
Arc Arena: Monster Tournament$3.99 [Search!]
$8.99 Bundle with:
Arc the Land II
Arc the Land$5.99 [Search!]294.7MB
Arc the Land II$5.99 [Search!]
$8.99 Bundle with:
Arc Arena
Arc the Land III$5.99 [Search!]621.2MB
Armored Core$5.99213.9MB
Backstreet Billiards (Carom Shot 2)$5.99 [Search!]326.8MB
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain$5.99 [Search!]452.7MB
Bloody Roar$5.99 [Search!]312.7MB
Bloody Roar 2$5.99 [Search!]311.2MB
Bomberman Fantasy Race$5.99 [Search!]148.3MB
Bomberman Party Edition$5.99 [Search!]258.7MB
Breath of Fire IV$5.99 [Search!]205.9MB
Castlevania Chronicles$5.99 [Search!]336MB
Chrono Cross$9.99777.8MB
Chrono Trigger$9.99281.5MB
Cool Boarders$5.99 [Search!]41.8MB
Cool Boarders 2$5.99 [Search!]135.8MB
Cool Boarders 3$5.99 [Search!]134.3MB
Crash Bandicoot$5.99 [Search!]466.9MB
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back$5.99 [Search!]102.7MB
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped$5.99 [Search!]105.2MB
CTR: Crash Team Racing$5.99 [Search!]311.4MB
Destrega$5.99 [Search!]297.5MB
Destruction Derby$5.99 [Search!]65.4MB
Dino Crisis$5.99 [Search!]247.9MB
Dino Crisis 2$5.99 [Search!]317.8MB
Disney Pixar's A Bugs Life$5.99 [Search!]478.6MB
Disney Pixar's Monsters Inc. Scream Team$5.99 [Search!]385.7MB
Disney Pixar's Toy Story 2$5.99 [Search!]404MB
Disney Pixar's Toy Story Racer$5.99 [Search!]137.1MB
Disney's The Emperor's New Groove$5.99 [Search!]380.7MB
Disney's Hercules$5.99 [Search!]
[Also on Steam]
Disney's Lilo & Stitch$5.99 [Search!]271.4MB
Disney's The Little Mermaid II$5.99332.4MB
Disney's Peter Pan: Return to Neverland$5.99 [Search!]349.4MB
Echo Night$5.99 [Search!]209.3MB
Final Fantasy Origins: Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II$9.99118.3MB
Final Fantasy Tactics$9.99 [Search!]213.7MB
Final Fantasy V$9.99
[Also on Steam]
Final Fantasy VI$9.99
[Also on Steam]
First Queen IV$5.9970.3MB
Front Mission 3$5.99 [Search!]321.4MB
Gex$5.99 [Search!]
[Also on GOG]
Gex: Enter the Gecko$5.99149.5MB
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko$5.99 [Search!]258.3MB
Grandia$5.99 [Search!]
[Also on Steam & Switch]
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature$5.99 [Search!]67.4MB
Herc's Adventures$5.99140.1MB
Hot Shots Golf 2 (Everybody's Golf 2)$5.99 [Search!]155.9MB
Jet Moto 2$5.99 [Search!]144.8MB
Jumping Flash!$5.99 [Search!]269MB
Jumping Flash! 2$5.99 [Search!]269MB
Klonoa: Door to Phantomile$5.99432.3MB
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver$5.99 [Search!]
[Returning to Steam]
Legend of Dragoon$5.991.1GB
Legend of Mana$5.99 [Search!]
[Also on PS4/Switch/Steam]
Mega Man Legends$9.99 [Search!]215.1MB
Mega Man Legends 2$9.99 [Search!]228.5MB
Metal Gear Solid$9.99
[Also on GOG]
Metal Gear Solid VR Missions$9.99310.4MB
The Misadventures of Tron Bonne$5.99132.6MB
Mobile Light Force (Gunbird)$5.99 [Search!]68.2MB
Motor Toon Grand Prix$5.99 [Search!]250.6MB
Pac-Man World$5.99234.8MB
Parasite Eve$5.99 [Search!]552.1MB
Parasite Eve 2$5.99774.5MB
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment$9.99440.5MB
R4 Ridge Racer Type 4$5.99 [Search!]351.6MB
Rayman$5.99 [Search!]96.5MB
Rayman 2: The Great Escape$5.99 [Search!]756.8MB
Resident Evil Director's Cut$9.99 [Search!]298.9MB
Resident Evil 2$5.99 [Search!]380.7MB
Resident Evil 3$5.99 [Search!]365.1MB
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire$5.99 [Search!]182.2MB
Saiyuki: Journey West$5.99 [Search!]335.4MB
Shadow Tower$5.99157.1MB
Silent Hill$5.99 [Search!]293.9MB
Spyro the Dragon$5.99 [Search!]341.8MB
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage$5.99 [Search!]350.9MB
Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon$5.99 [Search!]345MB
Street Fighter Alpha 3$9.99327.4MB
Strider 2$5.99262.2MB
Suikoden$5.99 [Search!]331.6MB
Suikoden II$9.99314.9MB
Syphon Filter$5.99 [Search!]383.3MB
Syphon Filter 2$5.99 [Search!]898.5MB
Syphon Filter 3$5.99 [Search!]398.5MB
Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness$5.99185.9MB
Tekken$5.99 [Search!]146.6MB
Tekken 2$5.99 [Search!]484.5MB
Threads of Fate$5.99 [Search!]192.6MB
Tomb Raider$9.99 [Search!]
[Also on Steam]
Tomb Raider 2$5.99 [Search!]
[Also on Steam]
Tomb Raider 3$5.99 [Search!]
[Also on Steam]
Tomba! 2$5.99232.2MB
Twisted Metal$5.9971.9MB
Twisted Metal 2$5.99 [Search!]322.2MB
Um Jammer Lammy
[Note: Due to Display Lag, the game will suffer from input issues]
$5.99 [Search!]511.6MB
Vagrant Story$5.99 [Search!]96MB
Vanguard Bandits$9.99385.1MB
Wild Arms$5.99 [Search!]299.3MB
Wild Arms 2$5.99 [Search!]614MB
Xenogears$9.99 [Search!]723.6MB
Japan-only PS1 Game:US PSN:File Size:
Arcade Hits: Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty$5.99 [Search!]99MB
Arcade Hits: Shienryu$5.99 [Search!]439.6MB
Arcade Hits: Sonic Wings Special$5.99 [Search!]102.3MB
Art Camion Sugorokuden$5.99 [Search!]77.2MB
Blockids$5.99 [Search!]79.7MB
Chō Aniki: Kyūkyoku Muteki Ginga Saikyō Otoko$5.99 [Search!]262MB
Dezaemon Kids!$5.99 [Search!]158.5MB
Dezaemon Plus!$5.99 [Search!]289.5MB
Double Dragon$5.99 [Search!]76.8MB
Dragon Beat Legend of Pinball$5.99 [Search!]194.3MB
Evergreen Avenue$5.99317.2MB
Favorite Dear ~Enkan no Monogatari~$5.99 [Search!]269.7MB
Favorite Dear ~Junshiro no Yogenmono~$5.99 [Search!]317.3MB
Finger Flashing$5.99 [Search!]17.1MB
The Firemen 2: Pete & Danny$5.99 [Search!]145.4MB
First Queen IV$5.9970.3MB
GaiaSeed$5.99 [Search!]63.6MB
Heroine Dream 2$5.99423.9MB
Hyper Crazy Climber$5.99 [Search!]114MB
Lucifer Ring$5.99 [Search!]72MB
Lup Salad$5.99 [Search!]120.5MB
Mahjong Uranai Fortuna: Tsuki no Megami-tachi$5.99292.6MB
Mahjong Youchien Tamago-gumi$5.99 [Search!]80.4MB
Makeruna Makendo 2$5.99 [Search!]90.3MB
Money Idol Exchanger$5.99 [Search!]78.3MB
Motto Trump Shiyouyo!$5.99168.2MB
Neo Planet$5.99 [Search!]80MB
Oz no Mahoutsukai ~Another World~ RungRung$5.99 [Search!]298.4MB
Rapid Angel$5.99 [Search!]120.6MB
Sentimental Graffiti$5.99428.2MB
Tall Unlimited$5.99 [Search!]107.3MB
Tokyo 23-ku Seifuku Wars$5.99 [Search!]263MB
Trump Shiyouyo! Fukkoku-ban$5.99 [Search!]71.1MB
VEHICLE CAVALIER$5.99 [Search!]43.6MB
Wolf Fang$5.99 [Search!]214.9MB
ZANAC x ZANAC$5.99 [Search!]212.4MB
Zero Kara no Mahjong ~Mahjong Tamago-gumi 2~$5.99 [Search!]185MB
Zero Kara no Shogi ~Shogi Youchien Ayumi-gumi~$5.99 [Search!]79.1MB

PlayStation 1 Classics Available on PlayStation 3 in Japan:

The number is not a joke, the Japanese PSN store has well over 700 PlayStation games available to download. Many of them are not technically import-friendly, but there's an interesting selection of genres so if you are someone who has learnt some Japanese then this is a cool opportunity to try them out. I have hand-picked the selection below based on its importance (regardless whether it's friendly to play or not) or looks like a good import-friendly time.

PS1 Game:JP PSN:File Size:
1 on 1
Advanced V.G.
[アドヴァンスド ヴァリアブル・ジオ]
Advanced V.G. 2
[アドヴァンスド ヴァリアブル・ジオ2]
Aero Dive
Arkanoid Returns
Angel Eyes: Tōki Denshō
[闘姫伝承〜ANGEL EYES〜]
Athena no Kateiban: Family Game
Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life
[アテナ -Awakening from the Ordinary Life-]
Battle Athletess: Daiundōkai GTO
Block Kuzushi Kowashite Help!
[ブロックくずし こわれてHelp!]
Blue Breaker Burst: Bishō o Anata to
[ブルーブレイカーバースト 〜微笑を貴方と〜]
The Bombing Islands: Kid Klown no Krazy Puzzle
[ボンビンアイランド キッドクラウンのクレイジーパズル]
Bushido Blade
Bushido Blade 2
Chō Aniki: Kyūkyoku Muteki Ginga Saikyō Otoko
[超兄貴 ~究極無敵銀河最強男~]
Chocobo Racing: Genkai e no Rōdo
[チョコボレーシング 〜幻界へのロード〜]
Clock Tower ~The First Fear~
[CLOCK TOWER 〜The First Fear〜]
Clock Tower 2
Crash Bandicoot Carnival (Crash Bash)
[クラッシュ・バンディクー カーニバル]
Crime Crackers
Crime Crackers 2
Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen (2nd Super Robot Wars)
Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen (3rd Super Robot Wars)
Dai-4-Ji Super Robot Taisen S (4th Super Robot Wars Scramble)
Dead or Alive
Deadheat Road
Dezaemon Plus
[デザエモン プラス]
Docchi Mecha
[どっちもメチャメチャ ドッチメチャ]
Dragon Beat: Legend of Pinball
[ドラゴンビート レジェンドオブピンボール]
Fighters' Impact
GaiaSeed: Project Seed Trap
Ganbare Goemon: Uchū Kaizoku Akogingu
Geom Cube
Gunners Heaven (Rapid Reload)
Hard Edge
Harmful Park
Hashiriya: Ookamitachi no Densetsu
LandMaker (Builder's Block)
LSD: Dream Emulator
Lucifer Ring
Magical Date: Doki Doki Kokuhaku Dai Sakusen
[まじかるでーと ドキドキ告白大作戦]
Neorude 2
Neorude: Kizamareta
Paca Paca Passion
Paca Paca Passion 2
Paca Paca Passion Special
Pocket MuuMuu
Project Gaiaray
Psychic Force 2
Pukunpa: Joshikouki no Houkago
Puzzle Mania
Puzzle Mania 2
Rakugaki Showtime
Ray Tracers
Saru! Get You! (Ape Escape)
Shin Megami Tensei
Shin Megami Tensei II
Shin Megami Tensei if...
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children
[真・女神転生 デビルチルドレン]
Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Legion of Heroes (Rival Schools: United by Fate)
[私立ジャスティス学園 LEGION OF HEROES]
Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2 (Rival Schools 2)
[私立ジャスティス学園 熱血青春日記2]
Silent Bomber
Super Robot Taisen Alpha (Super Robot Wars Alpha)
Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden (Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden)
Super Robot Taisen EX (Super Robot Wars EX)
Super Robot Taisen F (Super Robot Wars F)
Super Robot Taisen F Kanketsuhen (Super Robot Wars F Final)
Tall Twins Tower
Tall Unlimited (Tall Infinity)
[トール アンリミテッド]
Tokimeki Memorial 2
[ときめきメモリアル2 コナミ ザ・ベスト]
Tokimeki Memorial 2 EVS Append Disc
[ときめきメモリアル2 EVSアペンドディスク]
Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Puzzle-Dama
Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Puzzle-Dama 2
Tokimeki Memorial: Forever with You
[ときめきメモリアル〜forever with you〜]
Touge MAX: Saisoku Drift Master
[峠MAX 最速ドリフトマスター]
Touge MAX 2
Ungra Walker
XI [sai] (Devil Dice)
[トール アンリミテッド]
(Free Demo available)

PlayStation 2 Classics Available on PlayStation 3:

A selection of PlayStation 2 games are available across the EU, US & JP PSN stores. Not as many as the original PlayStation but there are a bunch of notable inclusions. These games, if available on PlayStation 4, can't be redeemed as the PlayStation 4 releases are remasters as part of the PS2 on PS4 initiative.

PS2 Game:US PSN:File Size:
Adventures of Cookie and Cream$9.991.4GB
Capcom Fighting Evolution$9.992.2GB
Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001$9.99235.5MB
Castle Shikigami 2$9.99523MB
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence$9.992.8GB
Contra: Shattered Soldier$9.99739.9MB
Crimson Sea 2$9.994.4GB
Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore$9.994.4GB
Dynasty Tactics 2$9.992.8GB
Fatal Frame$9.992.6GB
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly$9.993.1GB
Fatal Frame III: The Tormented$9.993GB
GOD HAND$9.991.5GB
Gradius V$9.99466.1MB
Grandia III$9.998.1GB
Growlanser: Heritage of War$9.993.8GB
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition$9.991.2GB
Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland$9.99110.6MB
Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Special Edition$9.991.3GB
Katamari Damacy$9.993GB
Kessen II$9.994.1GB
Kessen III$9.998GB
La Pucelle: Tactics$9.991.2GB
Maximo: Ghosts to Glory$9.99712.3MB
Midnight Club: Street Racing$9.99528.8MB
Mystic Heroes$9.992.9GB
Neo Contra$9.991.4GB
Nobunaga's Ambition: Iron Triangle$9.992.1GB
Nobunaga's Ambition: Rise to Power$9.992.9GB
Rayman 2 Revolution$9.994.2GB
Rayman Arena (Rayman M)$9.99922.4MB
River King: A Wonderful Journey$9.991.2GB
RPG Maker 3$9.992.4GB
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army$9.993GB
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon$9.993.3GB
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga$9.994.3GB
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2$9.994.4GB
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES$9.994.4GB
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4$9.994.1GB
Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity$9.993.5GB
Suikoden III$9.994GB
Suikoden IV$9.994.1GB
Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain$9.993.2GB
Tokobot Plus: Mysteries of the Karakuri$9.993.2GB
Warriors Orochi$9.992.5GB
WinBack: Covert Operations$9.99641.4MB
PS2 Game:JP PSN:File Size:
Bravo Music (Mad Maestro!)
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Marz
[電脳戦機バーチャロン マーズ]
Disaster Report
Disaster Report 2 (Raw Danger!)
[絶体絶命都市2 -凍てついた記憶たち-]
Dynasty Warriors 2
Fu-un Bakumatsu-den
[風雲 幕末伝]
Fu-un Shinsengumi
[風雲 新撰組]
Ikusagami (Demon Chaos)
Ka 2: Let's Go Hawaii (Mister Mosquito 2)
[蚊2 レッツゴーハワイ]
Kengo: Master of Bushido
Kengo 2
Kengo 3
Ninkyouden: Toseinin Ichidaiki
[任侠伝 渡世人一代記]

Adventures of Cookie and Cream
Also known as Kuri Kuri Mix in Europe, this was a game that I once played when I was a kid. Turns out this was developed by FROM SOFTWARE of all people. And it shocked me to find out that it's available to get on the US PSN store.

Bravo Music (Mad Maestro!) [ブラボーミュージック]
A music/rhythm game by developer Desert Productions. If you like music and rhythm, this is another game worth looking into. Has been released in the west on PS2, but only the Japanese version is available for PSN.

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Konami released an action 3D type game for Castlevania and gameplay wise it looks pretty interesting and worth a shot. Seems to be considered a cult hit for some folks.

Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Marz [電脳戦機バーチャロン マーズ]
SEGA brought one of their Virtual-On games, the fourth one in the franchise, for the PS2 which was developed by SEGA Hitmaker. Has been released in the west on PS2, but only the Japanese version is available for PSN.

Disaster Report & Disaster Report 2 (Zettai Zetsumei Toshi) [絶体絶命都市]
Released in the west as Disaster Report and Raw Danger back in the PS2 era, you can experience the original Japanese versions on the PSN though do note the game is text-heavy in parts.

Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore
The second Dead or Alive game in the franchise! I mean what else is there to say.

Dynasty Tactics 2
Koei Tecmo have gone through a ton of different games over the years and during their Musou era of PS2 titles, they also made a tactical spin-off called Dynasty Tactics and its sequel is available to download on PSN.

Dynasty Warriors 2, Dynasty Warriors 3, Dynasty Warriors 4 & Dynasty Warriors 5 [真・三國無双]
Koei Tecmo have released a fair amount of Dynasty Warriors games for the PSN store. However, Dynasty Warriors 2 & 3 are only available on the Japanese PSN store, while Dynasty Warriors 4 & 5 are available on the English PSN stores.

Fatal Frame, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly & Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
While many horror game fans will probably go for Resident Evil or Silent Hill, Koei Tecmo had one of their own with the Fatal Frame series, also known as Project Zero in Japan and Europe. Fatal Frame II is most notable for being considered as one of the scariest games ever made and your only protection against these pesky ghosts is taking photos of them!

The game that broke IGN. Capcom still hasn't brought the game back to current gen consoles so this is your last chance in the meantime to grab this interesting action brawler.

Grandia III
The third instalment in the popular JRPG series is still exclusive to the PlayStation 2, while the first two released on the original PlayStation were remastered for Nintendo Switch and PC. This is an opportunity for fans of the series to easily pick up this title before the store closes.

Just before Odin Sphere was released and also from the developers behind Dragon's Crown and 13 Sentinels, Vanillaware and NIS made this real-time strategy game. It may get remastered one day but if it doesn't, then it's worth picking up!

Ikusagami (Demon Chaos) [戦神]
Konami made their own version of a Musou game. Has been released in the west on PS2, but only the Japanese version is available for PSN.

Ka 2: Let's Go Hawaii (Mister Mosquito 2) [蚊2 レッツゴーハワイ]
Cult classic PlayStation 2 game Mister Mosquito got a sequel that was never released outside Japan, and it's available on the Japanese PSN store.

Kengo, Kengo 2 & Kengo 3 [剣豪]
While Square never bothered to make a new Bushido Blade game after the PS1, developer Genki made their own version for the PlayStation 2 with at least three of the games available on the Japanese PSN.

Kessen II & Kessen III
Alongside the Musou franchise, Koei also developed a tactical strategy type series called Kessen. The first game is only available on the Japanese PSN store but the second and third games are available in English on the US PSN store.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army & Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon
Another spin-off in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise and this time follows Raidou Kuzunoha in an Action RPG type venture. Two games were made for this mini-series.

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga & Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2
Digital Devil Saga is an interesting SMT game because your characters are the demons this time around. It's split into two games and both are available on PSN and should ideally be bought together!

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES & Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
If you enjoyed Persona 5, then how about you play the previous games that came out on PS2! Persona 3 FES is an extended version of the original game with a whole new storyline for tons of dungeon action, and while Persona 4 is available via the Golden remaster, the original does have a few differences but mainly the dub cast.

Suikoden III & Suikoden IV
Konami may be daft, but at least the Suikoden games are available on the PSN via Classics. You can get both the third & fourth game for better prices than the physical versions, like with the first two.

A spiritual spin-off of sorts to the Deception franchise and one worth having a look if you liked that franchise.

(this is going to a list of games that I want to mention but may also be available to own physically but regardless it'll take time to make)

PlayStation Portable Classics Available on PS Plus or PlayStation 4/5:

PlayStation Portable is Sony's first venture onto the handheld market, which was to combat the Nintendo DS. There were a lot of first-party and third-party titles which were loved by many fans throughout the world.

While the PSP has discontinued, including its own store, the PlayStation Vita does allow you to download a select number of games on the go. And with Sony's new PlayStation Plus streaming service there will also be a select number of other PSP games joining that line-up.

Like the original PlayStation, any PSP game bought on previous stores will carry over onto PS4 & PS5 at no extra cost if the title is included on the PS Plus line-up.

PS1:File Size:Trophies?Purchasable?Prev. released
on PSN UK:
Disgaea: Afternoon of DarknessTBC
Coming Soon
Rated for PS4/PS5
Echochrome194.4 MB
Echoshift404.8 MB
Key of Heaven (Kingdom of Paradise)2.22 GB
LocoRoco Midnight Carnival454.2 MB
No Heroes Allowed!434.4 MB
Pinball Heroes214.9 MB
Resistance: RetributionTBC
Coming Soon
Rated for PS4/PS5
Ridge Racers 2908.0MB
PS Plus
Premium Exclusive
Soul Calibur: Broken DestinyTBC
Coming Soon
Listed on PS Blog
Super Stardust Portable127.1 MB
(Was PS Plus
Premium Exclusive)
(No download
Syphon Filter: Dark MirrorTBC
Coming Soon
Rated for PS4/PS5
Syphon Filter: Logan's ShadowTBC
Coming Soon
Rated for PS4/PS5
Toy Story 3: The Video Game559.1 MB
Valkyrie Profile: LennethTBC
(Not available on PS Plus)
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Great Teacher
The Tales games are pretty much the big concern given nearly all of those listed are stuck on PS3/Vita for the moment.

However, Drakengard 3 is one thats saddens me as while it is available on disc in America, the UK release is digital only. It's not a great game, filled with technical problems, a framerate that struggles to be above 20fps alot of the time and generally dated mechanics, but it is very memorable, especially for those who want to get more of Yoko Taro's general strangeness in storytelling and Keiichi Okabe's outstanding music. The Game is £15.99 currently on PSN.

Drakengard 3 also highlights another problem. That game has lots of DLC which includes costumes and music for the arena mode (or whatever it is called). The concern here is the DLC also has story content for the 6 Sisters/Intoners that are fully voiced, contains new cutscenes (though a fair amount of the gameplay reuses areas from the main game) and the pricing for these are £4.99 each or £24.99 for the bundle of all 6. It should be noted the Japanese voice track is not included on disc/download and is available for £3.99 (FWIW I think Tara Platt is outstanding in the role of Zero but YMMV). Since this is now happening, you likely will have to pay all that upfront and, unlike the main game, it hasn't been discounted.
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Stand User
Something to bear in mind is that a surprising number of PS3 and Vita retail games are still quite easy to find new on places like Amazon, so it's worth checking if you can get a disc copy for less than the PSN price. Obviously any games that you really, really want will cost a fortune though.

The other consideration before panic-buying is multi-platform games. With few exceptions, the Xbox 360 tended to be the lead platform for most multi-platform games in that generation. For that reason, plus the 360 supposedly being easier to develop for, and because the 360 had to account for SKUs that didn't have a hard drive for large patches (the largest 360 patch I've seen was 4MB), the 360 versions tended to perform better and be less buggy. If you have an Xbox from the last three generations, you may be better getting multi-platform games on that, after checking compatibility of course.

I'd have to boot up my consoles to come up with a list of recommendations, but one title to avoid is Final Fantasy V. That's not because it's mediocre compared to many others in the series (though it is), but because of an unresolved save bug that can crash the game and corrupt save files when played on a PS2, 3, or Vita. The only way to reliably play the PS1 version of that game is on a PS1.

Buy every other PS1 Final Fantasy game available on PSN though; even decades later they're still some of the finest RPGs ever made.


Quintessential Grav
AUKN Staff
Just updated the second post where I have managed to list a portion of the Japanese PSN's PS1 Classics line-up and because there were tons I narrowed it down to 93 titles. Note that a select number are not import-friendly and were mentioned due to being notable among the gaming community.


CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
LSD Dream Emulator is well worth buying just for the weirdness, that and it would cost a small fortune to physically own. Turns out I already own Shin Megami Tensei I & II so downloaded those this evening. Still a big list of titles I may look to buy over the next couple of months.


CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
So where do people opt to buy US PSN vouchers from? There’s a few sites around but would want a trustworthy and smooth purchase.


CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
When I check the PSN store online there is no longer an option to purchase PS3/PSP/PS Vita games unless I’ve missed something. You can still buy through the store on a PS3 or Vita for now though.


Quintessential Grav
AUKN Staff
So where do people opt to buy US PSN vouchers from? There’s a few sites around but would want a trustworthy and smooth purchase.
I used Play-Asia a while back and had no problems with them, though their prices are slightly more than usual.

I am curious about G2A since they had these bundles but I want more info before I try them out for safety/trust reasons.


CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
Ah, I’ve not heard of them. Difficult to know if these stores are legit or not as I tried one today and they insisted I send them a selfie as security or something along those lines - not trusting that at all.


Quintessential Grav
AUKN Staff
Ah, I’ve not heard of them. Difficult to know if these stores are legit or not as I tried one today and they insisted I send them a selfie as security or something along those lines - not trusting that at all.
Which site did that?

UPDATE: Seems G2A has a questionable background so I probably will stick to Play-Asia even if its a bit more tbh. I do use CD Keys for UK PSN codes which have been successful dozens of times.


Thousand Master
Ah, I’ve not heard of them. Difficult to know if these stores are legit or not as I tried one today and they insisted I send them a selfie as security or something along those lines - not trusting that at all.
Same here, I've never used them either. As you mentioned earlier, PlayAsia is the go to for these kind of Digital goods purchase.
Buy Digital Codes for PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo ... -


Baka Ranger
When I check the PSN store online there is no longer an option to purchase PS3/PSP/PS Vita games unless I’ve missed something. You can still buy through the store on a PS3 or Vita for now though.
Ah. I just tried searching for P4G on the app and no results came up!

So I guess you have to create a foreign PSN account, buy a card for the region and then go to the store for that account?

I've got a US and Japanese account from the very beginning of the PS3 era when our store was rubbish, so I would grab demos from the foreign stores. Forgotten the passwords and even not sure about the email addresses I used now though.