[Overseas] Anime News & Announcements


Thousand Master
Always seemed to me like Hanabee was more into sentai stuff than madman, and hanabee for lack of a better word.. is a living corpse.


Great Teacher
haven't AL started to get some of the Viz stuff lately?

only problem with AL is it takes an eternity to get the standard releases out of them


Great Teacher
Demon Lord, Retry!

Both, Funi and Sentai would be acceptable. But the Demon Lord decided for VIZ.
Shall I be glad it's not AOA, Nozomi or Pony Canyon? No.


Thousand Master
Sentai is some nice picks this season, happy about that.

Hopefully they keep getting more competitive as seasons go on.


Stand User
I expect SNAFU will end up on Hidive by the time the BD is released meaning I'll finally get to watch it.