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Hi all, I was wondering if I bought Farehnheit for the PS2, if it would play on the PS3? I lent my Brother my DMC games for the PS2 and they woulnd't play on his PS3. I was sure older games could be played on newer consoles though so I'm baffled :(
Re: Official Playstation 3 Thread(PSN stuff, discussion..etc

Thanks for that :)

Might just have to get the PC version if it will go on his laptop/be supported on it.
Add my PSN if you're ever up to play something - LelouchNarukami (Send me a message saying you're from here. :))

Also, I believe I have 2 beta codes for the PS4 beta of Call of Duty: Black Ops III; if anyone wants one just say. :) (at least, I think I do... in the email I received 2 "friend tokens" that are unique codes besides mine)
Anyone else watching Sony's conference today? I have no idea what to expect, they don't usually do one at Paris Games Week but they skipped Gamescom this year to do a conference here instead. I think it's scheduled to last around 90mins too, could be wrong on that though as seems a bit long. Anyway hopefully there's something and not just indies (not that I don't like indies) and stuff we've already seen.
5PM, it will be streamed in the usual places. Not sure how they're treating it, like if it will be small show or what but as I say, they didn't hold one at Gamescom so they could hold one here instead.
I'm not sure but I'll watch it anyway. I'll do it the same way I did E3 this year, with Giant Bomb's commentary. That way, even if the conference is a bomb, it's still entertaining :p
Yeah I wouldn't expect any big reveals, probably just updates and new information about stuff we already know about, which is fine by me as there's a lot I wanna know more about. Hope to see something from Nier 2, and Yoshinori Ono is about so Street Fighter V character reveal trailer is pretty likely (shame it's gonna be Dhalsim though lol). I'm not doing anything better so gonna watch it anyway.
The only upcoming game I'm excited for is Persona 5 and there is 0% chance of anything new coming out about that here so I think I'm mostly in it for the commentary :p
BlaizeV on PSN. Got a PS4 last week at last.

I had to change my PSN ID last year as my old account was tied to the US store, once I joined up to PS Plus I figured it'd be better to have my account tied to the UK, which meant starting a whole new account. As a result alot of the games I have played especially the Tales Of games aren't on my list as I haven't replayed them on my newer account. Not that it matters I guess haha.