New Anime Releases 24/10/2011: Dance in the Vampire Bund


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New Anime Releases for Monday:

Black Butler Series 1 Part 2

(RRP: £24.99)


Dance in the Vampire Bund
(RRP: £24.99)


Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino OVA
(RRP: £14.99)


Anime to be Released the Week After:
House of Five Leaves (RRP: £39.99)
Rideback: The Complete Series Collection (RRP: £24.99)
The Melancholy Of Haruhi-Chan Suzumiya & Nyoron! Churuya-san Collection 1 (RRP: £17.99)
Nice to see the awesome JP cover art used for the Gunslinger Girl OVA.

I will only (possibly) be picking up BB pt2, have the others already.

Next week, though!
Black Butler simultaneously intrigues and terrifies me. I'll wait until the first set hits the bargain bins before venturing into those murky waters.

Might get Rideback next week. I decided I wasn't interested enough to get Funi's combo pack, but £15 for Manga's DVD release is hard to resist. House of Five Leaves... well, someone will have to report back on the quality of the subtitles before I go near another sub-only Beez release.
Nothing for me. I like Black Butler too much to have waited for a cheap Manga version and I don't have any interest at all in the others.

Think there's a chance for a Gunslinger Girl 2 + OVA boxset? Will buy Black Butler once it gets a boxset or if the singles become cheap. Will get DITVB at some point too.