My Piano compositions


Completely Average High School Student
Hey Guys i would like to introduce myself. I play piano since i was 10 years old and in my free time i like to compose my own Music. At first I composed randomly pieces but currently I want to compose pieces in anime style. "Pink Sakura" is my first one :)
I would be very happy if you could listen in and leave me a little feedback. And if you want to see more of these types of videos, just hit the subscribe button it would help me a lot <3 ^^

video link:
Heyho, I just uploaded my latest piece. If you are a little bored and you can spare 2min, I would be happy if you take a look.:)
I was inspired to the piece when I found an old photo of my former cat (best cat in the world)😁

Heyho guys. Today it will be a little different because this time there is no original composition and no anime style either. This is for all CoD Black Ops 1 lovers. A small remix of the well-known "Damned" theme with a little improvisation of myself. Hope you like it even if it has nothing to do with anime 😁

Heyho my composition "Bloody Vibes" which is about a "boss fight" in the RPG genre has just been completed. You are very welcome to listen

Hey, I would like to introduce my latest video. Apart from my own compositions, I also enjoy covering different songs and adding my own little improvisation to it. I made the current cover for a good friend who asked me about it with a big request. I hope you enjoy it 😁

Hey, since Helloween is just around the corner, I had the idea to write a composition in exactly this style. My little "Helloween Special". Hope you enjoy :)

Heyho would like to introduce a new composition "Into the Abyss", hope you like it 😃 (Unfortunately with a few visual video errors that I had no plan how to fix xD

Heyho here's another cover from me with a little impro to it. I've never played Shenmue myself, but I did at the request of a subscriber. Hope you like it