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Well... No
The Standard Edition Blu-rays of all titles are still available - and it's obvious that DVDs & CEs won't get any reprints.

However the Tenchi Muyo Mihoshi Special is lost, as this was only included with the DVDs (both in CE & Standard Edition), but is missing on the Blu-ray Discs.
Technically I don't think you can call a piece of media lost when people still have it in there collections and mvm were still releasing it until recently. It still exists and would hope it's still possible for copies to be made, mvm just aren't selling it anymore.

I've said before would love for mvm to release the other tenchi related media like "universe" or "in tokyo" or "gpx" but I asked before and appreciate it won't happen.
And why pray tell would they still have the listing up on their site and open a competition for something that supposedly won't get released? Sure it's had a delay or two but I think this is an overreaction.
Oops, must have went too far.
I'll put a 😠 in next time.

I'll definitely not post this again as your on my trail. Wouldn't want a row for repeating myself.

They accepted my money (£29.99) on 10th September for an early December release. Then it went to £34.99 with 20% off during the recent site wide sale.
I'll be annoyed if I want to be.
Cool it with the attitude. I'm not denying your right to be annoyed. I'm simply saying that it seems a bit of a weird reaction especially considering how other companies have a MUCH worse record on this. This is tame in comparison to Anime Limited's "six month to a year" delays.
No attitude from me.
I didn't feel it was necessary for you to comment in the way you did.
It seemed to me that you didn't take into account how I felt about the situation.
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I never win anything but used to think my chances of an MVM win were pretty good, on the basis that there's not millions of entries.
Obviously, I'm just unlucky as I've never won. 🤬

I hope you win 10 copies - IDK what you will do with the ones you don't keep but I'm rooting for you to have extravagant quantities of Assassin's Pride! (And you won't even have to assassinate anyone to do it! Though I believe your avatar might have that covered anyway) :)