UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread

That doesn't seem very nice calling it crap. We like what we like and questioning someone's taste is never a friendly thing.
It's a funny show with toilet humour.
Funnier than calling a character Loli Big-Boobs.

Anyway I'm off to buy Bloom into You.
I've watched the trailer once and it's £9.99. That's how I make my decisions.
It'll sit nicely on my shelf next to Koede Oshigoto and Eiken.

Apologies, but I'm simply stating my opinion, and just to be clear I would never question someone else's taste. What someone else watches is up to them. Heck, I know a couple of shows that I have enjoyed that other forum members have said they hated. :)

Anyways thats a good price for Bloom into You, would have bought it myself if I didn't already own it.
I actually asked this question to mvm a few days ago.
They were kind enough to explain too. It was due to increased prices and limited/smaller stand space.
Fair enough. I figured it was likely a financial thing. Explains why figures are costing more at mcm now. It's a real shame as its becoming far less catered to my tastes. Als panels and Anime Guest of Honour were the panels I was often most looking forward to.
I'm going to make this point when answering the survey, just hope more manga dealers like kodansha come back soon, manga is slowly coming back but it's mainly shonen jump manga.