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Yeah I'm also tempted, but I can see it being giant miss match (maybe it'll fit better with the sword Oratoria CE with it's DVD sized box)

So from the twitter reply from MVM "Contains 5 artcards and a 60 page artbook. " it could be differnt from the US set (Comparing to the premium boxset) which is 5 art cards and 56 page booklet (unless they rounded up), But US set looks to be an outer box with an actual lid and in DVD sized cases


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The Sentai season 2 CE matches Season 1. It's highly unlikely MVM would deviate from the usual DVD/BD size box with booklet like previous Sentai conversions.


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Yeah that makes sense, and thanks for pointing out that extra bit of detail @SkwigglesWorth.

Part of me is tempted just to sell off my Sentai S1 CE and eventually just source the Manga release.


yay for yuuna, now if only sentai could direct their attention to Umaru-R and dub it already so i can finally get the blu-ray after 84 years

if it's taking this long i'd be fine with sub only since it'd be the way i'll be watching it anyways


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Where are the discs coming from no one else has released it and its a weird title to make your own discs for...
Considering the license has been sat on for a while, my guess is MVM didn't want to wait as long as Familiar of Zero f did so they're going for the Anohana route.

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I'm assuming theres still no dub for Yuuna? Or are Sentai going to announce a release in Q4... 🤔 or most likely Q1 2021 after MVM have already released it as per usual!