UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread


School Idol
Nice! I'm waiting to see if AoA will announce a Second Season box set before I start buying their releases. I was considering buying them during the holiday sales but the Second Season individual sets started to go out of print before I got the chance. 🤷‍♂️


State Alchemist
I hope whatever we get for Girls' Last Tour is better than Sentai's horrendously overpriced offerings. $70 is a ludicrous price for a bare bones standard edition of a 12 episode series.


Vampire Ninja
Girls Last Tour is in my top ten 2017 series so I'd love to see it get a CE over here.

It's a shame a few of Sentai's CEs didn't get OSTs in recent years. Hopefully Bloom into You and Revue Starlight include OSTs if they get the CE treatment


Completely Average High School Student
This Monogatari news is great!

Girls' Last Tour is on my top 10 greatest anime of all time, so I will pick it up regardless, but I hope they do a nice edition.

Now I just have to hope that The Eccentric Family Season 2 will get a release.