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I really don't like to bring my personal life into debates ,I honestly don't like being put in a box and expected to act a certain way and hold political opinions because of the colour my skin or being labelled as a white rights winger because some of the things I say on this forum don't line up with everybody else beliefs.

But I'm not going to lie that comment and the other post insinuating that I must have got my beliefs from the telegraph really pissed me off even triggered me a bit, I may not have the darkest skin but I am a POC, and yes I don't like the term POC either and think it's just a way the progressive left use to put everybody who isn't white in a box so they can tell them that there victims and recruit them into there movement. Ps if you don't want to debate me then just Don't there's no need to demonize me and paint me as something I'm not, granted I have in the past let my annoyance get the better of me and posted things I probably shouldn't have so I can see where your coming from, but I don't demonize you and dismiss your arguments I just reply with my counter arguments, they may not be as elegantly worded like yours but they are sincere and my own.

Edit. I only just noticed this comment and think it deserves its own reply I don't have to be happy if someone disagrees with me that's not how freedom of speak works. I think you have disagreeing with someone confused with someone shouting down free speech by dismissing them as a trolls or deleting there post for example, People are allowed to disagree with each other we don't live in ******* North Korea.
I have no desire to demonise you and I don't think anyone else is trying to, that's partly what I'm saying. I don't think Greboruri was insinuating that you got your beliefs from the Telegraph at all. I think they were simply sourcing a more detailed explanation of what actually happened - Seems to me they were quoting the Telegraph to back up their own point, not to ridicule yours. You seem to believe people are treating you harshly because of your beliefs - Some people might, I try not to. Everybody does have their own beliefs and are entitled to them. What often puts me off from trying to discuss things with you (it always starts out well) is not your beliefs, it's the attitude you have to people disagreeing with you. I honestly like discussing things with you when you're being civil and promoting debate, you clearly have an interest in social and political topics as does everyone posting in threads like these and it's good to have input from different points of view, but I don't think getting snarky with people is at all helpful.

I'll state it outright for clarification Ken and then I won't get personal again, promise - I don't hate your beliefs. I don't believe in wrongthink or look down on you and I'm not trying to ridicule you, I just wish we could discuss things in a bit less of a heated and yes actually, less personal manner (I think yours and Rui's history has certainly coloured your exchanges). Maybe that's just me being generally dispassionate and blasé about subjects that get other people very emotionally fired up, I'm willing to concede that I probably am - A lot of people with strongly held beliefs and personal investiture in certain topics dislike that. Fair enough. Likewise, that's just my manner. But I am always interested to know what people think and why. I'm less interested in people getting into slagging matches and one-upmanship. I don't think people should presume anything about you, just like I don't think you should presume anything about anyone else. But you do get to know people and get a sense of what they're like on a forum with identities like this. And that can and will colour their judgement. That's all.

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To be honest a good bit of my snarkiness tends to come from my dyslexia and my habit to shorten my post which makes them seem harsher and more personal than I originally intended, but I will in the future activity try and make them less personal and more general.

P.S I enjoy debating with you too and appreciate your honesty.


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Yeah I actually saw it on the BBC news channel but if you like to read the telegraph then good for you friend :) PM steps in over Cadbury Easter egg row

Actually that newspaper isn't sold in newsagents over here and I don't regularly visit their website. I was merely pointing out the faux outrage by conservatives on issues like this. The reality was there was no war on Easter and absolutely no evidence either the National Trust or Cadbury had in fact removed the word because it offended people who didn’t celebrate Easter.

The “Culture Wars” are a terribly tiresome thing, especially to those who don’t identify with either “the left” or “the right” or myopically believe all issues are either left or right with no shades of grey. I really think people should use some critical thinking and try to understand why politicians and newspapers bring up these non-issues and why they are determined to promote and create a “them and us” divide.

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These are just my views if I may venture...

Hmm, I do understand that Japanese people believe in "preserving the harmony" and not being confrontational, which I believe has it's merits in being able to resolve matters in a rather "peaceful" way. Also, your friends mention that we cannot live as harmoniously as they do in Japan - again, probably a cultural thing in the way they try to handle things in a non-confrontational way that preserves face for both parties. However, on a larger scale, Japan is largely homogenous, and those from outside are likely to be from neighbouring countries i.e Korea; China, where the culures are probably similar to their own. When you have many differing cultures living together, sure it can cause problems, like many people becoming insular and ostracising certain ethnic groups (I'm talking about extreme behaviours). Personally, I love people, regardless of race/gender/religion etc. I'm not saying that just to sound like a goody two-shoes, I genuinelly do enjoy seeing people celebrate their cultures and being proud of their heritage. I think it just comes down to being respectful and tolerant of each other, even if our beliefs and cultures differ.

Edit: Apologies, my post is in regards to the OP XD
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