Luna's Search & Sale pile

checking around I can get the individual volumes of just the show for about £16 total so the biggest draw to the complete set is the OVA and compilation film.

I think the most I'd really go for the set including shipping is around £25. It sucks the shipping adds quite a bit to the price, and I understand if this is too low.
Hmmm. Can we make is a 27.5 including shipping? Then I'd get a round number after currency conversion minus shipping. =D
I'll check the rates when I get back to work on Monday though it depends on whether you want things to go Royal Mail (slow but cheapest for small items (2-3 Amaray cases/parcel in a padded envelope), Parcelforce (Royal Mail speed but cheaper for bigger packages, weight limit 30kg) or DHL (would be next working day to Germany but obviously more expensive because of that, also 30kg limit on package size).
Most id pay is 150 personally unfortunately!
I asked back and he was like "Can we wait for a while? See of somebody else might be interested"....

Also how much you selling the aot part 1 limited edition for =o
Oh my, seems to have a hand on picking the stuff from acquaintances who are reluctant to part with things, but are low on cash. =P (It's from a diffrent person, he's got some medical bills to cover.)
Erm, what best to quote, it's was pretty expensive when it got out already (and he said told me "absolutely definitely not below that") and went OOP by now. If I go by or ebay, I guess 65GBP looks decent? ?_?
I am willing to do £65 including postage if I find part 2 for a reasonable price so will get back to you!
I am willing to do £65 including postage if I find part 2 for a reasonable price so will get back to you!
Sorry, can't do that including postage, given that would be 10€. ^^"
But adding it to the other two (Haruhi and Good Luck girl) would not increase the total shipping of 14€ (and still have room for a lot more).
Uh... hard to say... Rightstuf lists it for 47-48USD each before shipping and customs right now. What would you regard as a fair price?

Not sure tbh, I can get them new from WOWHD for £39ish and that includes shipping with no customs fees so I'd probably be willing to pay around £55 inc postage if I bought them off you.

Also have updated added a bunch of new stuff onto my main list. Still have to move/translate that all here. @-@
Mostly French and German stuff new and Diabolik Lovers, Rage of the Bahamut and Arcana Famiglia on BD added. Also added some of the German/French Anime section into the English one, if English audio/subs are included. More to come as I watch my piles away~
Antique Bakery 4 on search

In case somebody has that volume. I quite regret to have let my own one go before. =/
Oh you poor sod. That's the only one which is really hard to get hold of.
I've had the miraculous absurd chance of getting Flower of Life 4 for SRP before, so you never know where when and how. Posting queries at least won't lower the chances. =P
If anything goes wrong, I'll simply jump to the Japanese edition when I finally get my Kanji issues fixed by next year. So far had wanted to avoid that because it has soooo~ much text, and I'm still way too slow on on Josei/Seinen stuff.