London Comic Con (aka MCM Expo 24-26 May)


Was good seeing everyone at the event again. First time meeting Ath as well, which was cool. You're a lot quieter in person than you are online i have to say, hah.
Unfortunately though, i couldn't make it on the sunday. Or rather that's what i thought at first when i considered the money side of things, looking through my bank account tells me i would've been able to, but that's hindsight for you. I met a good dose of people from twitter as well, which was good. It was all about meeting up this time round, well worth it all things considered. Maybe next time i'll be able to meet up with more of you.


Pokémon Master
Heh, that's my natural shyness coming out. Once I get to know people more I'll be less quiet ;)

Was definitely great to meet everyone. Unfortunately I missed out on Shinichiro Watanabe's autograph, but it clashed with Edgar Wright's Q+A session. By the time I got out, the queue was too long and I just didn't have the patience, oh well.

I'm hoping to make a visit to Scotland Loves Anime this year. I want to visit my mate in Edinburgh anyway, so I can combine the two.


State Alchemist
Meeting people again/for the first time was sweet, and the event had hot food. A successful combination.

Arbalest said:
my hitomi hoody
And yet they still couldn't guess correctly.


This will be my first anime con for about 3 years, so excited been missing dressing up and being surrounded by fellow fans