Legal Streaming 2019: Q1 Winter Season

Crunchyroll have removed access to their Xbox One app and replaced it with a new UWP app. This is identical to the Windows app and so much better than the piece of crap that was there. Unfortunately my dns settings also don't work with the Xbox app to access CR US, this is annoying as it works with all other consoles.

This is now easily the easiest of the console apps to navigate with a 2d scroll though your queue and can remove titles from your queue with a single button press.

Get Crunchyroll - Microsoft Store en-IE
Checked the list again and they're also missing Pastel Memories, Bermuda Triangle and Ueno-san so definitely not all Sentai stuff lol. And BanG Dream S1 is on CR so them not having S2 is more notable than them not having Real Girl S2
Eh still sticking to Hidive for shows with that option since the player is better and has yellow subs. Still wondering whether Hidive will get Mysteria Friends since that's a Sentai show.
Crunchyroll now have 5 unannounced shows on their schedule. 1 for today and 2 for tomorrow and 2 TBC:
Ueno-san is out on Sundays. Would Kotobuki be applicable as that's another HiDive show that comes out on a Sunday?

Hidive for shows with that option since the player is better and has yellow
If everything HiDive got per season we're also on Crunchyroll, it'd be no contest for me. I much prefer the white with the thick black outlines and there's a PS4 app. The only stuff to keep HiDive for would be the older stuff then, so I might get rid until the app is available because that's why I've held off from watching Abyss and Lustrous.