Hello Everyone from your friendly forum stalker!

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  1. speedyspeck

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    Hello everyone!

    This is a very belated introduction considering I've been stalking out this forum for a few years now and though I've made a few posts in other threads, most of you may know me from the Marketplace and for my excessive use of bubblewrap!

    I don't know why I've never actually introduced myself, but I think I was a little nervous and you all seem to have built such a nice little community here, I kinda felt like that new kid in class or at work who doesn't want to butt in >_< I often read threads and think about posting, and then go 'nah, best not' but hopefully in the coming weeks I'll let myself add a little more to the forum rather than just stalking it!

    Anyway, on with the introduction - Hi, my name is Catherine, though speedyspeck is also acceptable as that is how I'm known on other websites - fun fact, that username is inspired by the names of some sadly now departed pet chickens.

    I'm in my late twenties and have been into anime since I was about eighteen - I believe it started with my getting into games (Final Fantasy specifically - on which at the time I also make a powerpoint presentation for my best friend on why she also needed to get into the series so I had someone to talk to about it and she in return make a presentation on Farscape) and then onto my first anime series, Azumanga and Cowboy Bebop. It's fair to say I was hooked right from that moment and made up for lost time by buying everything and anything I could get my hands on - a lot of which I no longer own due to me realising that not everything that I'd bought was very good!

    I'd say I most definitely have a soft spot of romantic comedy and love me some indulgent visual novels, but I do tend to dip my toes in every anime-genre pool because there's usually something pretty great in all of them. My top picks would probably be Azumanga, Mushishi, Lovely Complex, FMP, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Princess Tutu, Gankutsuou, Kids on the Slope, Kamisama Kiss and anything from the Fate/ series. Recently I've been enjoying Nozaki-Kun, Kill La Kill, Bleach, Maid Sama and Rage of Bahamut Genisis. I terms of games, like I said, I love the Final Fantasy Series and Visual Novels but I generally enjoy most RPG's, anything by telltale and recently I've enjoyed completing the new Kings Quest and am also trying to actually get around to finishing the Uncharted series...

    Anyway I think that's enough yammering!
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  2. IncendiaryLemon

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    Feels a bit odd since I've bought multiple (incredibly well wrapped :p) items from you now, but welcome nonetheless!
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  3. speedyspeck

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    Thank you :) I do love me some bubblewrap!
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  4. Rui

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    Hello there, not-so-new newcomer! :D

    Your taste is flawless. Always good to see an Utena avatar.

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  5. Neil.T

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    A belated but warm welcome to you, @speedyspeck! :)

    You must tell us about the chickens someday. :(
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  6. speedyspeck

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    Thanks Rui :)
  7. speedyspeck

    speedyspeck Brigade Leader

    Thank you Neil!

    Ah, the chickens were well loved pets and they had long and happy lives so no need to be too sad :) plus they have now been immortalised through the wonders of internet username ^-^
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  8. Peachy

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    Nice taste! Welcome :)
  9. speedyspeck

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    Thank you Peachy :)
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  10. Neil.T

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    I can't resist asking...
    I'm dying to know what was in your powerpoint presentation! :D
  11. speedyspeck

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    I've just dug out my external hard drive to find that presentation to remind myself - Well it was named 'Final Fantasy Explained' with the subtitle 'This may take awhile...' :D

    I'd basically made summaries on the plots for each game (with pictures obviously!) I did every game in the Final Fantasy VII series, including the movie (I also played music from the game and film during the presentation that correlated to the part of the plot I was on. I also had detailed segments on characters and an especially large segment on Sephiroth :p I also went over FFVIII - FFXII in similar detail, though the bulk was still FFVII. I also used a long pointy stick thing that teachers used to use which made me feel very professorish :cool:

    Her follow on presentation a few weeks late on Farscape wasn't as good as mine (if I do say so myself) Then again she was at University at the time studying Biology, whilst I didn't go to University much later so I had ample spare time to make something equally impressive and ridiculous :D
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  12. Neil.T

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    ↑ All of the above = awesome, especially this:
    Impressive? Very. Ridiculous? I won't hear of it! That's a level of detail and commitment few are prepared to go to. :D

    Damn, I feel like I've really missed out here, both on the FF games (which I haven't played a single one of :() and on the presentation itself.
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  13. speedyspeck

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    Thank you! Again, I'm not sure whether it was a display of how committed I was, or of just how much spare time I had on my hands!

    Well, whilst I can't give you the same presentation experience as my friend had all those years ago, you can still try out Final Fantasy at any time in the future :)
  14. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu Oyashiro-Sama

    Welcome aboard, you have great taste in anime and games :)
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  15. Neil.T

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    It was a display of an abundance of spare time used very creatively, I'd say. :D

    Wow, could you imagine trying to make your way through all the games by this point? That would be some undertaking! I mean, I remember the series as far back as FFIV on the Super NES.

    How many hours of gaming would that amount to, I wonder. Yikes. :eek:
  16. speedyspeck

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    What do you think all that free time you finally get when you retire is for? And the best part is you can be a 'bad' influence on any possible grandchildren.
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  17. Neil.T

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    That's brilliant. I'd never looked that far ahead before. "Grey gamer". :D

    I forsee no circumstance where my own genes would be passed on, but that's a fun picture you paint there for future generations in general!
    "Grandad, are you playing games again?" :p

    To go back to Final Fantasy again, the sum total of my own experience of the franchise amounts to no more than watching Kinsglaive at last year's Scotland Loves Anime festival. Does that even count?