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Hello all

Hello everyone,

I just discoevered this place the other day while googling if there were any other people waiting for Anime Limited's Christmas sales stuff still :p

I have been lurking for the last few days and thought you all seem a friendly bunch so I wanted to make an account and introduce myself. So let me regale you with my history with Anime. My first taste was from the mainstream, tbh I can't remember if it was Pokemon or Dragonball Z & Gundam Wing on Toonami but I enjoyed it all for being different to thet usual cartoons and that's were it ended for a while.

As I grew older I discovered that the Sci-Fi channel was playing this wierd thing from Japan called Anime at midnight once a week. The first thing I watched was Bubblegum Crisis and oh my god did that guy just explode? 16 year old me's mind was blown that this was a thing. I even bought the DVD's which I still have (If I knew how to post a picture of my collection on this forum I would show it off, bare with me while I learn).

So since then I have been a semi-casual collector and watcher as I would call myself (I have seen how hardcore people get, I am not that :cool:). I started reading Manga recently which my Avatar might give away what I jumped into.

Outside of Anime I also enjoy video games (PC and switch gamer primarily but own a PS4), American comic books and boardgames.
Hello @Vincentdante. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Welcome to the forums, Enjoy your time here.

Any favourite anime genre's in particular?
Thank you :), I can't say I have a favorite genre as I tend to gravitate towards different things. I like comedy animes like FLCL or Excel Saga mainly, but I also dig something more grounded like Samurai Champloo. There are also some slice of lifes that have hooked me like Baka Test. I think as long as it is well done I can find enjoyment from it.

Do you still like Pokemon? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Not the anime so much any more, but I still play the games.
Welcome XD a common and no less awesome story there. Jesus, in the era of patch & parroting I was looking on the internet when DBZ stopped airing here, the first proper series I found was elfen lied, loved it but never really got that anime was like that before I found it