Happy 2017 AUKN

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  1. st_owly

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    What kind of job are you looking for do you know?
  2. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu Oyashiro-Sama

    I'm looking mainly for retail, I have been getting loads of good feedback from interviews so hopefully someone will take a chance with me :)
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  3. Aoki

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    Good luck! I hope your search is successful!
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  4. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu Oyashiro-Sama

    Thank you :)
  5. Arbalest

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    Belated Happy New Year to you all! Hope 2017 is treating you all well so far.

    Currently i was wondering what best to do with my new year, but after a while i did set out a rather tough goal for me(plus some others along the way).

    1. Lose weight - with my new job i've been at, it's been easy to put it on, not put it off, so now is as good a time as any to get rid of it. Aiming to lose the 2 stone i put on.
    2. Start streaming - i did a little taster run when the Resi 7 demo hit(the first one) and i quite enjoyed it. Now i'm wanting to look to pursue it on a more longer term basis. Maybe a stream a week to start on a game for PC/PS4. not sure where to start but it might be an idea. Maybe choose a game in my backlog and blast through it maybe.
    3. The big one, and maybe toughy. I want to start my own business. This may take a lot longer than anything else, but i want to do something on my own. I've had ideas for a while, nothing ever set in stone, but i do want to do something working as an intermediary, or someone who helps with licensing and publishing. But we'll see. I wanted to cover advertising, and i could still work on that, but i have a drive to do a lot more now.

    So yeah! Hi 2017, treat me well
  6. Zin5ki

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    Best of luck! Be sure to do all the dull financial forecasts before setting anything in stone. One wouldn't wish for the plans to turn sour.