Greetings from a retrogamer of PACMAN in sunny Costa Rica.


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What Jaymii? The only person who ever disturbed the peace as far as I can remember was Aion and he's long gone

Anyway welcome to the forums Rich :)


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I bet this guy is really from the Midlands.

What ever happened to Aion? I was only a lurker when he was around but he always seemed a douche.

edit: hello! :)


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Hawthorns said:
What ever happened to Aion? I was only a lurker when he was around but he always seemed a douche.
At least he wasn't a Costa Rican spambot. Seen this guy's e-mail address, website and occupation?


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Managed to misunderstand my post in quite spectacular fashion there Memo. Bravo.

Also, Aion *actually* got banned? Push his self declared diplomatic immunity a little too far? Get him back here, the place is more fun when he's around.

Well maybe not fun exactly. More "constantly on edge in a kind of amusing fashion".


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Well what can I say Ayase, misinterpretation is my middle name

At least he was one of the more... intelligent of the abrasive forumites I've met,


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Email: [removed to spite spambots]

Website: [removed to spite spambots]

Occupation: Telemarketing Professor?!



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But when Aion was around I felt like the guy laughing over his drink in the corner of the pub while someone else deservedly gets the **** beaten out of them. I suppose I got the sense of satisfaction without having to do any of the dirty work... Now I just have to suffer in silence or become a monster myself, and that feels a little too much like real life for me.


Main problem i have with this place is that its so quiet compared to how it used to be years ago, Ayase you remember the days we had a group of about 4-5 regulars who'd have a laugh everyday. Aion was causing some sort of scene around the forums, CG was actively posting FF posts and anything mentioning evangelion and he was on it like white on rice. People generally had a connection.

What the hell happened? Now its a case of a very fragmented forum.

The admins lurk as "hidden". The only "group" so's to speak is Spyro and jayme becoming close and posting sarcastic posts for "lulz", Voddas and me talk off the forums now, chazzy chaz is seldom about (i used to like reading his funny posts about locking his car with the keys inside it and things going wrong) People where posting alot and more specifically they posted worthwhile posts. The General convo thread has stood the time but now i see it as "i just post what i've been upto... nobody reads it and nobody really cares about just having a laugh and talking about anime"

Most of the time people post about something negative and unless someone sparks something into a "scene" nobody contacts each other much leading this place to a ghostown.



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I do remember those days Tach, 'twas the golden age of AUKN. I can't post during working hours any more unfortunately, and by the evening general convo is dead anyway. I try to make relevant posts about anime (or at least amusing posts on unrelated topics) but half the time no-one even replies, which does make me feel like I'm wasting my time somewhat. Even the abrasive characters simulated discussion and debate, rather than just posting whatever single sentence thought popped into their head at any given moment. I don't know how we fix it, I really don't.


Thats fair enough, times have changed alot since then. Voddas has moved homes twice, jobs about 3 times, i'm moved my job too and looking to get my own place soon, black moved out to his own place and looking for work, and your working and living life your own way. The days of all getting chance to post has all gone and things have changed too much for it to go back.

I feel similar about posting these days, nobody really wants to talk to each other and thus hardly ever get replies, the most i see is a couple of "out there" posts about anime from AF17, but even the vibe of the forums against him has died down, its as if people just can't be bothered with the place anymore. I'll admit, if it wasn't for Arby talking me out of it, i was ready to delete my account and walk away last month.

I've said it before and i'll say it again, we need Aion. Someone to start something for people to post, otherwise this place will just stagnate further. The posts these days are either sarcastic one liners or simple 3-4 letters saying nothing of real worth. Sure quality over quantity, but right now were not getting quality or quantity.

My mammoth posts seem longer than they actually are due to people just not talking. Im not sure that just saying "its summer" covers it, this place has been like this long before summer came along. Maybe things have just devolved to such a extent that its futile to try and bring back people, to bring back conversation.

Partly due to nothing anime wise coming out these days and also partly due to the fact that yes the reviewing team maybe part of AUKN's interest for web browsers, but they aren't reviewing anime thats not out here yet. Sure because its not legally here, but some shows (like shin chan which i was looking for today) that was shown on kids tv channels years ago (fox kids?) doesn't even have a R2 release. People aren't going to see anything new coming out and the temptation to join and post just isn't there.

The podcast sparked some interest but now everythings "sorted" there's nothing to look forward to. I'm abit annoyed that i'm usually so busy out of work hours that i couldn't put a more active attempt to become a presenter, personally i'd have played OST's for shows, had guests on every week for their thoughts on shows, go through what people have been watching recently and even email in competitions. Sounds close to a radio, but it'd be fully dedicated to anime.

From what i can see right now its a rulebook of "do this for x amount of minutes" and "do that for x amount of minutes" no OST's to liven it up, no email in competitions planned and no real effort towards it. The whole deciding on who was to become a presenter was based off of that one "podcast" they've released. Which makes it a pointless task when we recorded hours worth of conversations weeks prior, which all seemed to be ignored. Basing everything on that one podcast cheesed me off.

It requires time and effort to steer people towards something, to keep them hooked. Failing to do so results in what we have here now. Though for the most part of what i've said will fall on deaf ears, the few who do read it will complain about what i've said and not understand whats actually being said.


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I honestly don't know how to stimulate the community either, a similair problem had befallen my other forum about 2 years ago, there's about 15 regulars including myself, but we haven't had a noteworthy new member for months, and posts are quite spaced out at times maybe it's just due to the fact that the Bentley Bros don't make movies that often anymore...

As for this forum, I would agree with you on the amount of Anime coming out, most of it's either just shows airing in Japan that are a bit meh or had already been out for years in R1 and seeing that the UK fandom is notorious for importing all the time no one really cares if a R2 release comes along, perhaps us Brits are doomed to not giving anything of worth anymore.


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Tachi said:
The admins lurk as "hidden". The only "group" so's to speak is Spyro and jayme becoming close and posting sarcastic posts for "lulz"
He's told me you thought this actually, but more often than not its just coincidence. I'm a lot more snarky than he ever is/can be.


Hmm, yeah i appreciate having a laugh at my own expense is better than being too serious. But there's a point where it goes from "having a laugh" to "beyond a joke" and the latest one on facebook hit a nerve.

Fine have a laugh every once in a while, but its becoming a case of i can't tell if your actually liking something for a reason or if your being sarcastic.

I learnt that there comes a time to stop the "12 year old" jokes aimed at you and the "sheep" and "leaves" joke about spyro. After a while it just gets stale and spyro said it annoyed him that i kept doing it so i stopped, now i'm saying more or less the same to you.


Jaymii said:
I'm a lot more snarky than he ever is/can be.

I'd agree with this.

Tachi said:
...latest one on facebook hit a nerve.

Is this the wallpost I left you, or the liking of the picture? In fairness, the wallpost was genuine. I didn't really intend to hit any sort of nerve with that; and I didn't even mean it in a joking way (except for trying to quote the single LP song I know... that was me trying to joke).

If its the liking of the picture... well to be honest it popped in my news feed that Jay liked it, and then I did. It wasn't anything... planned? Most the time, things like that aren't. Like- 90% of this stuff isn't planned, and we rarely converse on AUKN.

Tachi said:
The admins lurk as "hidden". The only "group" so's to speak is Spyro and jayme becoming close

Yeah; but this is only because me and Jay know each other off of the forum too. It's just like Will-O and Lupus, really. We hang fairly frequently, and talk off the forum. But there are a few i'm like that with on AUKN; I talk to others via Steam and MSN. I just think it's to do with nothing substantial to talk about anymore on here. I've never really posted much in the General Convo area- and heck I managed to bring some life about with that GITS rewatch. But it just goes to show people are busy - one episode a night wasn't much, but those who took part struggled to keep up, and even more didn't take part! It's not like GITS is a hard to get show, it's cheap, and for the thread it left a really nice atmosphere.

I think if we need more 'life' on here things just need to be planned more. That re-watch had a fair bit of notice before it started, so we could make sure that things would run [as] smoothly [as possible].

I dunno I guess my point is... I don't post as much because I have things on in my life, and just generally nothing to talk about. Heck, I still discuss anime at length; Maxon and I have weekly discussions on Steins;Gate! But it just doesn't feel like something that we can bring to the forum, to be honest. We joke, we laugh, we send related videos. I don't actually think that'd go down so well on here, because well... I guess not everyone likes to mock their favorite shows?

I dunno, I only really posted this to address the 'Spyro and J' and Facebook thing, if i'm honest. I don't know where the rest of this has come from.


I'm busy a lot. I'm also on Holiday. So my sporadic appearances are down to being busy with life, finding a job in edinburgh, enjoying a well earned break and trying to figure out what i'm going to do next. Sure, this place could be deemed silent, but in actuality, that's bollocks. The past two months have been the busiest this year, hitting about 4.5K posts average per month. We may not talk in the general convo section as much, or post in the random chit-chat, but that's fine. I think that suggests we maybe pushing to get more discussion down in the other sections.

I realise some people have problems with the fact that Animefreak17 had been posting non stop topics within the anime section, some of which where obviously doubles or triples, but it got it active again, and that's a good thing. Now, when i finally get settled down with everything, i can finally get a chance to post and keep an eye on here more easily, but for the time being, everything is rather chaotic.

Oh, and i never appear as hidden ;p