Giant List of Stores (UK Based or Shipping to UK only)


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Zavvi is an online store they dont specialize in anime however they have quite a lot of dvd's on there and the pricing isnt bad they had the miyazaki steel tin blurays for sale for 9.99 tho when i ordered them howls moving castle was out of stock other than that the dvds are delivered quickly and they are genuine i also got the rerelease gurren lagann ultimate edition blu ray there. if ur a uni student u get 10% off


Hopefully thebailiff be back before Christmas, since I have a very reliable recommendation to anyone wishing purchase manga at a reasonable price.
Wordery :-
Under it's categories is an extensive range, and seven thousand items of manga alone. Often with 20-30% off and free of postage the world over


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Update the list. I haven't been here for quite a while so don't be surprised if the list is messy currently. Will have to think about re-organizing the whole thing sometime soon.