Get your Crunchyroll 48 hour guest passes here.

Discussion in 'Anime Industry Discussion' started by Morbo, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Lord Bacchus

    Lord Bacchus Dandy Guy, in Space

    Here's mine for this month.

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  2. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu Oyashiro-Sama


    Expires May the 5th.
  3. Buzzkillington

    Buzzkillington Death Scythe

  4. Foxfire-Nova

    Foxfire-Nova Completely Average High School Student

    CG6RCY4ZBSD - Expires May 29th
  5. Lord Bacchus

    Lord Bacchus Dandy Guy, in Space

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  6. Watanabe Ken

    Watanabe Ken Adventurer

    Is it common for these 48 hour guest pass to last longer than 48 I used one on Saturday and it's still letting me watch things without adverts
  7. Buzzkillington

    Buzzkillington Death Scythe

    DALD9VZRUXM - Expires - Aug 28, 2017
  8. Lord Bacchus

    Lord Bacchus Dandy Guy, in Space

    MF3USHPT4M7 - Expires Aug 26, 2017
  9. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

  10. Gemsy-chan

    Gemsy-chan Za Warudo

    C7GJ84R5VGQ - Expires July 31 2017
    D9S5F3JF99H - Expires September 1 2017
  11. Buzzkillington

    Buzzkillington Death Scythe

    ZVPJPCDKUTY - Expires Sep 27, 2017
  12. Gemsy-chan

    Gemsy-chan Za Warudo

    ZR9K776YS9A - Expires Oct 4th 2017
  13. bailey1985

    bailey1985 Hunter

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  14. Minibee

    Minibee Hikikomori

    ASTGF344LK8 Expires 2nd Aug
    8R55QCWR87H Expires 1st Sep
    7TVAKEDDJ4N Expires 1st Oct
  15. Buzzkillington

    Buzzkillington Death Scythe

    4W9HJUCWFM8 - Expires Oct 27, 2017
  16. Captaaainuniverse

    Captaaainuniverse Kiznaiver

    RFRW5YTREN8 - 21 aug
    6A8QXM5XBTN - sep 22
    GQ3S8LCNKVV - oct 24
    enjoy new sakura quest or something I don't know. I'm not watching a lot of this season's CR myself
  17. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu Oyashiro-Sama

    Enjoy :)

  18. Fireflame

    Fireflame Hikikomori

    can someone please give me a guest pass please just pm me and send it if you can ;o
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  19. Rui

    Rui Karamatsu Boy Administrator

    Not PMing because I have three and don't know whether anyone else already PMed you but here are some more:

    4LLQ37GKAM7 Premium+ Guest Pass - 48 Hours Valid to Nov 11, 2017
    RLVKQDR8RYV Premium+ Guest Pass - 48 Hours Valid to Oct 12, 2017
    KS9TEGLWERE Premium+ Guest Pass - 48 Hours Valid to Sep 12, 2017

  20. Fireflame

    Fireflame Hikikomori

    i took the middle one and someone else took the bottom thanks so much man