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Heh, I'll probably be dead in 5 years - I'm getting too old to have to wait that long for anime titles to release on Blu-ray - But if it is Planetes, I'll just have hold out on my deathbed until it ships to me and I can watch it quick, lol...


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I'm rather enjoying the series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba so far. I love the story as well a few of the characters in the series and its always cool to see epic fight scenes. All I will say is the boar head guy wow... a crazy guy but funny and entertaining.


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I just find it funny how Anime Limited were against releasing it and then out of nowhere they (and Funimation) attempt to bring it over here. Granted it would have benefited Marvelous Europe because it's a multimedia project title (i.e. has an anime series and video game), but in the end it was too much. Luckily the Essentials release is cheap (though region locked). Senran Kagura Shinovi Master may get a mini cut due to little Kagura but other than that, that series would land fine over here.
It’s not a series I’d even be particularly interested in owning anyway but still, I think it should be available for those who would be. You’re probably aware of my views on these issues by now, which is that fantasy and fiction shouldn’t be subject to banning or censorship. In the case of animated content there’s not even a question of subjecting child actors to potentially dodgy situations - It’s total fantasy and while I’m generally open to looking at arguments from both sides, the idea that fictional drawn, animated or written content can be dangerous is just so insane and archaic to me I really don’t understand the people who believe it. The BBFC’s views on anime are wildly inconsistent anyway, they mandated that single frame cut of Geass but let through Made in Abyss uncut...
Kaze’s release was illegal tbh. I’m still amazed they got away with it.
Should bad laws be obeyed though? Perhaps a bit of a general question to ask here, but I feel that if a law is stupid or wrong it should probably be ignored, if not purposely broken. It’s not like the people who make the laws have any more moral authority or are any less fallible than anyone else. They’re not gods, much as they might like to be thought of that way.


I have watched Code Glass twice and I can't remember the image. The fact people get so riled up over something so insignificant to the ploy. And that AL show that got banned sounds awful really damages AL being the Criterion of anime cos god they aint anymore with some crap they release. The BBFC have more power these days and like rape being made an 18 ooh gonna affect a lot of anime and I'm sorry it was made by thatcher in the 80s to protect "the Kids" all is meant for is a guide and the fact Kaze didn't resubmit it to me suggests something to hide, manga going to resubmit it is the right thing to do. Also the fact AL did submit that trash but won't submit Fate Illya 2rei just suggests they used it as an excuse.


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@thedoctor2016 did AL ever express any desire to be “the Criterion of anime” though? It sounds more to me like they simply failed to live up to your own personal expectations of them to not release any low-brow smut, which is fine, but they don’t exist to cater to your own personal tastes. Is it really any surprise after that experience that they wouldn’t want to shell out the BBFC fees in an attempt to get things passed that almost certainly wouldn’t? It’s just money down the drain.


Well they decided to license a show that was sex among two underage women. Maybe it was FUNi forcing them but they did license that.
What I would do to the BBFC is make it tax payer funded so its free for companies but that wont work because people would state supported censorship so you cant win.

Al describes it self " Our emphasis is both breathing new life into much loved classics and introducing the cutting edge of what Japanese animation has to offer. " So not Criterion but Cutting edge of Japan animation. Sister new devil is indeed that as Eureka Seven Hi Evo that is cutting edgly bad
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The only kind of ratings body I’d be okay with is one with only the power to rate, with no power to demand cuts or refuse a rating. Also, like in the US, I think distributors should be allowed to release things unrated if they choose. Probably most would still pay for the rating, especially if there was no chance it was going to be refused or cuts demanded.


I have watched Code Glass twice and I can't remember the image.
It's literally a 1-2 second background where when Shirley is talking in the changing room a girl who looks somewhat underaged is getting changed. (Though if shes in the same school as Lelouch and Shirley then shes obviously not underaged)


Thought I'd shunt this to the ongoing discussion here. 🙂

Maybe someone was in a bad mood and were pausing it throughout the episode just looking for something.
This is genuinely possible. Code Geass (and Paranoia Agent) could just have been unlucky to land in the lap of someone at the BBFC who holds a generally negative view of anime as a medium. But there doesn't seem to be any mechanism whereby the distributor can protest the body's findings and have it viewed again by another member for a second opinion. And this, to me, is a huge failing and quite worrisome.


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there doesn't seem to be any mechanism whereby the distributor can protest the body's findings and have it viewed again by another member for a second opinion. And this, to me, is a huge failing and quite worrisome.
They're a law unto themselves, and that's probably the worst part. Harking back to that old discussion you linked Neil, a reminder that in the end, the only kind of drawn pornographic content the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 rendered specifically illegal was hardcore loli/shotacon. Decisions about anything softer than that are being taken by the BBFC using their own discretion and they are in no way forced to make them by any laws. They're an independent morality police, without any oversight, regulating what legal adults in the UK are and aren't allowed to see.


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@D1tchd1gger Have you seen what some moron(s) on MAL have done to Chihayafuru 3's rating? This season has been brilliant so far and doesnt deserve this. :( Im sure it'll get fixed eventually though.



Having a quick read through the thread about it sounds like some people have made bot accounts just to reduce the score and they're blaming fans of the big shows like Vinland Saga and MHA, etc because it was higher than them! That's just sad.


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Urgh how lame. People are allowed to like different things. It's like if star wars fans united to take down star trek. It doesnt actually do anything for the thing they like.


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As for "digital anime would have to be remade to go above the resolution it was created at"- nope. It would have to be re-composited, but that's only assuming the base files still exist.
I’d be interested to know more about this. While I’m aware it’s easily possible to extract more detail from hand drawn anime (because the cels are huge even compared to film, and they were usually transferred to film) and in the case of 3D animation and flash it can simply be rendered out at a higher resolution, I realise I don’t actually know much about digitally drawn animation. I always presumed the reason early 2000s anime looks like crap on Blu-ray (Azumanga Daioh, Haibane Renmei etc.) was because it was originally drawn digitally at a low resolution and there was no more detail, so upscaling was the best they could do - Is that not the case?

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This is just speculation on my part, but it’s entirely possible the original artwork was drawn digitally at a higher resolution than the video was being exported at, then reduced in size to (presumably) 480p, if it’s the early 2000s. Depending on how the video was originally prepared, there may also have been quality lost due to the compression methods of the time and choice of file format.

As Professor Who says though, any improvement in image quality would depend on all the original assets being available, then someone taking the time to re-render the video from scratch, which could be a big ask for anything other than the most popular or enduring titles.