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Administrators have started honouring GAME reward cards again, with remaining stores now redeeming them for purchases and allowing you to earn points on new games.

The use of reward and gifts cards at GAME was suspended when the company went into administration on Monday. As soon as it did hundreds of stores were closed and thousands of jobs were lost.

Things are looking increasingly brighter for those stores that remain though, with current rumours suggesting the company could be brought out of administration tomorrow, following the acceptance of a buyout from RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland).

Although other sources claim that a counter offer from the owner of Comet is also being considered.

That's all still just rumour at the moment, but reactivating reward cards is definitely happening, according to Twitter posts from GAME themselves.

'Reward Card Update 1: Your Reward Cards have now been reactivated by the Administrators for redemption against pre-owned stock,' said the first post.

'Reward Card Update 2: This means that points can be earned on all products AND redeemed against pre-owned items as of now,' added the second.

What's also encouraging is that the use of reward cards is also now mentioned on GAME's website. The site still isn't open for business but again this seems a positive sign that it might be returning soon.
Looks like the Game Group is a step closer to coming out of administration.


Very quick turn around really, RBS have played the same move that SEPT did with the trust i used to work for, blocked off the other trusts offers so they could take over themselves.

I do worry about this now though, should a fail bank really be in charge of a company that operates around the gaming industry when they can't even get their own banking industry right.

The blind leading the blind.


was a little strange seeing them take on OpCapitas deal after the had originally refused it, but all 333 stores left are still in tact, and now they have the original top man from Gamestation as their new CEO. I can see this working, since in general, i've always had a better experience with Gamestation, but i hope in the long term of things, OpCapita don't try and go down the route of fusing GAME and Comet together, it won't work, and i don't see it being well received by many either.


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Cathe said:
I knew GameStation in Wallasey was still open, I walked past it today. I haven't been into Liverpool or Birkenhead since last week though so it seems the Birkenhead GAME store is closed but GameStation is still open and both Liverpool GAME stores are closed but both Liverpool GameStations are still open.

So I still have 4 open GS's local to me along with 3 Grainger Games.
Birkenhead Gamestation is still open but the GAME is closed. Bad times.