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Discussion in 'Anime Industry Discussion' started by NormanicGrav, Nov 15, 2016.

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    You're not the only one completely gobsmacked by that train of logic. If it says 18 on the packaging then that means the kids wouldn't be able to buy it themselves anyway. At some point it should become the parents' responsibility, not be taken out on the consumer.

    I imported the US version of Paranoia Agent for that exact reason. Messing with Satoshi Kon's vision should be classified as a crime. :D
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    Is there any way you can "Super Like" a post on this forum? :D
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    Until we get more facts we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Don't forget that Universal released both Seraph of the End and Arslan in the U.K. while that was released by Funi in the US. It could be the same thing where Universal happens to have the UK distribution rights?
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    In those instances, Funimation didn't hold UK rights, Universal acquired the show directly from the Japanese licencor (NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan) themselves. For My Hero Academia, it has been confirmed Funimation acquired UK from Toho Animation and is responsible for sub-licencing the show, seemingly to Universal.
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    Either way I hope we get a nice collectors edition.
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    I really hope we get a nice CE of MHA (preferably a side loading box.....), I really couldn't care less who is releasing it tbh as long as it's a nice product.
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    I personally see it as a good thing anime limited where taking on way more than they could handle. Hopefully Universal being a big company will have more assets that will help them get products out quicker and with less defects and with more bang for your buck.
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    Honestly, I don't see this as a permanent switch over to Universal, AL have only been partnered with Funimation a year, maybe less.
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    Funimation isn't exactly known for there loyalty to there partners, first they dropped MVM for manga then manga for Anime Limited but who knows it's only speculation at this point will have to wait and see. Someone should ask Jerome he always says he's got contact's in funimation who tell him things.
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    You forgot three years at Revelation between MVM and Manga. They are like a cat in heat when it comes to partners. If Universal is next, that's it. They'll have run out of partners
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    He's already tweeted about it, see for example his replies in this thread: mattcgw on Twitter
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    OVERLORD Collector's Edition is now available for pre-order on Amazon UK.

    Amazon lists 9 artcards instead of 11 however.

    Here's what the US set looks like:
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    I wonder if the reduction in art cards is due to then being included in the box.
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    I'm sure with Persona 5 dropping not a lot of people will have noticed the Funi now app is now available on the ps4 ;)
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    I'd already used a US account to download it, so I didn't notice. :D It's still a buggy mess as far as I can tell though. Buffer issues on every video, random crashes, badly timed CC subs etc. Crunchyroll got that stuff down, maybe they should share some tips with them. :D
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    After you said it was on PS4 i went and checked, the app is also on PS3 :)
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    I downloaded it through my US account but it'd never load.
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    I downloaded mine a few weeks ago, so perhaps the app was already finalised for UK use by then. It would always do a country check when I turned it on.