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Wow, I only just realised that you could buy to stream MHA (season 1 and the first half of season 2) on Amazon. Season is £11 vs the £50 I paid for the Blu-ray. I believe its dub only (my preference anyway) but at least it shows that this I dudtry might finally be warming up to digital purchasing. Kayhe you prefer physical copies, which I understand, but many donlt have the space for endless box sets.

The lower cost of sale means less risk for those involved meaning this could open the door to the many shows that haven't seen a release here whatsoever. As with MHA season 1, prices could also lower.


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Black Clover Part 1 is now available to pre-order on Amazon UK for £24.99 (at the moment).

SRP is the same as My Hero Academia for £36.99 per part, plus it's a combo pack so it's cheaper than how the Anime Ltd/Funimation UK sets were handled (which were £44.99).

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Gosick, Scrapped Princess, Orange, ReLife, Bungo Stray Dogs, Yamato 2199, Tsukigakirei, Saiki K and Nichijou, and we end up with Black Clover and Smartphone. Brilliant! 😢


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Orange a Flop
Scrapped Kadokawa
ReLife.. did okay
What im saying is we are getting the "Big" titles I mean smartphone did get a LE (When stuff seems to not be getting Les anymore)
Black Clover streams very well here if you look at CR
YOI Did amazingly for US
And my Kadokawa comments I wouldnt be surprised if AL got them
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My Hero Academia : Two Heroes - Trailer

Other Shonen movies have made it to cinemas here so I'm very hopeful!


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Attack on Titan season 3'S dub starts in just a few hours! Monday atv0130. so that just over a week after the US broadcast.

And why is that? Christ, I wish I knew!
The first episode is already up on Funimation Now. It went up last Monday based on this tweet.

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No Attack on Titan simuldub this week which I can only guess was due to Toonami/Adult Swim
US holding this up even further. Funimatioh, you really should just come clean when these things. Yes, you are stretching the term 'simuldub' to breaking point but your paying customer deserve to know when the schedule changes!