Funimation "Pulls" Streaming for Interspecies Reviewers


Harem King
Oh yeah with the Australian rating board who gave KLK an 18 cos of rape will sure let this hentai through.
It got removed because its hentai and rumors it got worse after the plug was pulled so oh no I can’t watch my hentai on a streaming site which is for all ages what a shame and who buys physical porn i believe FUNi removed it because wasn't worth the cost of dubbing it because who would stock it.
Also I bet it got terrible views before it was pulled because it’s only got “popular” to stick it to SJW cos it pulled.
Which again is not it being banned it’s just FUNi doesn’t want to be associated with it.
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Harem King
When MHA is their biggest show they push you can tell what market they are targeting and hentai ain’t part of it. Yes you can age lock things ofc but I haven’t seen FUNi doing that yet


State Alchemist
oh no I can’t watch my hentai on a streaming site which is for all ages
Doc, Amazon and Netflix still carry 18 rated films on their streaming services along with kid's shows. I don't hear anyone complaining about that.

As for age locks, if you care about what your kids watch, supervise them. That's no-one's job but the parents'. If you leave kids alone with internet access they're going to watch whatever they damn well please, age locks or not.


State Alchemist
I suppose I don't know where else on the internet you interact with anime fans, I very rarely do it anywhere other than here myself, so I can't really comment on what other people elsewhere are saying or doing (and I don't particularly care). I don't personally mind being hated, but I think the discussion we've had here has been relatively civil.
This is beyond 18 this is R18
I'm not actually sure where the law stands on animated pornography. There's not been a lot released in the UK, possibly for this reason, but that's kinda moot since streaming services (for whatever reason) aren't actually bound by ratings agencies. I agree that Funi are within their rights to do whatever they like with their service. But I do question whether their decision to pull the show actually did any good, and would hope they'll free up the rights for someone else to pick up if they're not gonna broadcast it.


Harem King
This is most civilized place but every FUNi twitter post was bad since in general it’s just been not been pleasant to just see people moaning about it when their are more important things going on even in anime. It’s not like I hated here I just hate what it’s became like Shield Hero it was either brilliant or awful to me it’s neither it’s meh kinda disappointed as it was so nothing it just feels the middle seems to be disappearing and if you don’t have a strong opinion on a topic your forgotten.


Karamatsu Boy
Netflix has its 'Netflix Kids' lockout system to filter out all of the rude stuff*, which I only know about because my mother-in-law needed help after she was turned into a 'kid' by a visitor and couldn't watch all of the ultraviolent movies she loves any more. I can't imagine that it would be especially difficult for any of these services to provide a more extreme alternative to their general audience service if they wanted to do so, they could even charge more for it and make more effort to block underage users**. So I'm assuming it's an image thing and not wanting to taint their mass market brand with sleazy content. Sitting on rights without doing anything with them is the worst, though.


* Based on some arbitrary determination of what is rude rather than a parent's own values and preferences, of course.
** Though any kid with unsupervised access to the Internet can accidentally find shocking content within seconds, as ayase notes, so this is rather redundant in the real world.


I really hope it gets a BD in a country like France where it'll be fully uncensored (even more uncensored than the eventual JP BD) since I want to enjoy the show with no weird visual filters.