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Did I get it right? Is this the event where I met everyone at SWEATDROP STUDIOS? If so, like, wow, they were sooo nice and helpful. If I'm not mistaken, Sweatdrop are in Islington today as well. Lot of old friends there, haven't seen Laura Watton since Minamicon '98. Beautiful pictures, Wing, I am your FAN for life!

It was very hot and I bought letratone and pens and a folder and everything necessary for the TOKYOPOP competition. (Anyone competing here?) Plus there were other stalls displaying beautiful illustrations.

Oh yeah, here's a funny manga page I drew. It's...kinda wierd. But funny. Just CLICK below.


Brigade Leader
the sweatdrop thing back in May at the Expo, i so wanted to compete, but the first time me and my firends passed by there it was SO packed, and we had no idea what was going on...people were at tables drawing, some things we couldn't see cos we couldn't get past the people.

Then we came back at the end of the day when it was empty and there were these pens i'd been trying to get my hands on for like a year! So we ask the people there and they said there was a compitition to win them, but it's closed now. And we were like "noooo...", i wouldda loved to enter!