Free DVD/Manga Giveaway!


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I'm not 100% certain if still active but I have a Funimation UK Digital Copy of the following title:

- Goblin Slayer Season One

Start convo with me if there is any interest?


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2 Funimation Digital Codes from second hand purchases, which I haven't used / already have a digital copy. So it possible they have been used but as far as I'm aware the only way to check is to actually use them. So if you've got an account already (your still welcome to try if you don't have an account, just might be a bit of a waste of time if there already used) and interested then feel free to reply or message me.

Codes are for:
Goblin Slayer
Cop Craft

Also have a none anime UV/google code for Outlander season 1 should any one be intrested.
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I bought
Akaduma Drive and
Gleipnir Blu-rays this year.

As I do not have broadband/wi-fi or a computer at home, I don't need the funimation codes.

If anyone is interested, let me know.
Is the code for Akaduma Drive still available? I would be interested if it is still available?


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Last shout for anyone going MCM Comic Con London on Friday 27th May 2022. I have a spare ticket as my +1 cancelled. Basically a free day at a convention at Excel London and a cool Ganyu ticket art ❄️


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Offloading some Anime DVD Volumes if anyone wants them (just pay P&P - £1.50 each).

- Madlax Volume 1 DVD (Episodes 1-4) (ADV Films) (Region 1)
- Ultra Maniac Volume 1 DVD (Episodes 1-4) (Geneon) (Region 1)
- Chance Pop Session Volume 1 DVD (Episodes 1-5) (ADV Films) (Region 1)
- ToHeart Volume 1 DVD (Episodes 1-4) (Right Stuf International) (Region 1)
- Tokyo Majin Volume 1 DVD (Episodes 1-5) (ADV Films) (Region 1)
- Trigun Volume 2 DVD (Episodes 5-7) (Pioneer) (Region 1)
- Boogiepop Phantom Volumes 2-4 DVDs (Episodes 4-12) (ADV Films) (Region 2) (All 3 will cost £3 P&P)

Just PM me if anyone is interested.